Yo, starting a grow, answer a few questions?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by KB Korner, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Hello, I joined because I am about to start growing! I just have a few questions to help me get going..

    To my first question..

    I will be moving into a one bedroom apartment and begin my grow as soon as I move in. I don't use allot of electricity, as I work about 60 hours a week, sleep the rest of the time, along with my Saturday night crusades. Hell, I live in Austin, party is what we do! Which means I am either not home, or asleep.

    So my question is.. My setup will include 2 X 1000 watt HPS lights in my closet, and this:


    For the mother plants.
    I'm using the SOG method.

    Is that to much power for a 1 bedroom apartment?
    Do you think I will be okay like that. I've thought about getting a 2 bedroom instead, I can afford it, but would rather not. Like I said, I am never home, and when I am, I sleep..

    and 2 more quick questions..

    Think it is safe to buy most of my supplies on ebay?

    And I am ordering seeds online as well, but I'm a little iffy. I want certain strains, but I don't know if I can trust that I am getting the real strain I am ordering for 50+ bucks per strain, or some cheap knock off that is not as good as the actual strain. I will order them anyway, better than bag seeds, but I just want to know your opinions on whether you think they are the true, original strains or not.

    Thanks for all of your answers in advance!

    Also, any common courtesy or more efficient was to communicate in the city are greatly appreciated!
  2. ebay should be safe. if your 2000 watts of light is all you use, then i think you'd be ok. and order your seeds from reputable banks.
  3. Hell yeah, thanks.

    I thought so, but better safe than sorry!

    I will start posting pics as I progress.
  4. oh and you're not having anything sent to the house where weed is to be grown correct?
  5. Hrmm... hate to break it to ya but unless you find some wicked way to vent the heat from those lights... you're going to need to install an a/c unit of some kind.

    A 1000W HPS will keep a 3 bedroom house nice and toasty warm if it's insulated properly.

    The put of a tremendous amount of heat.

    Here's a much better idea that you won't like but will give you much more pleasure and rewards than going big fast...

    Build a micro-grow in a cabinet. CFL's or a 150W HPS.
    You can grow yourself a few ounces every few months the first grow or two and then...
    (once you've acquired the necessary skills through actual experience)

    When you're ready you can step up and grow big :)

    If you're going to have to vent to the room I wouldn't recommend over a 400W HPS due to heat issues. a 150W HPS in a proper cab can bring you several ounces every 2 weeks in a staggered harvest. (2 weeks or therabouts)
    It's a great way to learn hydro (Lucas Formula simple style) and how the MJ plant grows and matures.

    You'll SERIOUSLY thank yourself for taking the time to learn everything across the board so you can accurately plan and carry out any further actions you might consider.

    Glad to see another cultivation convert!

    GROW ON!
  6. I would be safe and get them delivered to your work man, not worth the risk, and if they ask, tell em lights are for a lizard in a tank
  7. Thanks for the replies, I will definitely look into all of that.

    Everything is being delivered to my moms house, should be good, I am assuming..

    Yeah, I have a floor AC unit I was going to use as well, I think it should be okay, just worried about electricity use.

    Also, I am so indecisive, I have 10 separate strains I want to grow.. I will grow more than one, but I don't think I can grow all ten, maybe more like 4-5.. Here is a list of the ten I want to grow. Help me out and pick like your top 5 for me, I am looking for potency over all else, a really good sativa, indica, and a good mix of both. After potency is bag appeal, taste, and smell. Just want some killer Kb nugs to last forever!!!

    NYC Diesel- Soma seeds(Dr. Chronic)
    Belladonna- Paradise seeds(Dr. Chronic)
    Super Silver Haze- Mr. Nice(Dr. Chronic)
    Kali Mist- Serious seeds(Dr. Chronic)
    AK-47- HGS
    Northern Lights- HGS
    Blueberry- HGS
    White Widow- HGS
    Purple Cindy- HGS
    Electric Haze- HGS

    Thanks for all the help!
  8. how big is your closet? you could definitely do it with an a/c unit but that on top of 2000watts sounds like a lot of power from a 1bedroom apartment. plus if a landlord or something comes poking around you might have a somewhat noisy/smelly operation going on. just things to consider. :smoke:
  9. Is this your first experience with growing MJ?

    NYC Diesel is VERY stinky.... Unless you've carried some in your pocket you have NO idea how stinky it really is and it's MUCH worse when you're growing it.

    I recommend CFL odor eater bulbs in the other rooms of your house and possibly a 1Gal jug with water and a cup or so of Pine-sol in it with an airstone. These will definitely kill the smell :)
    (some guy used a little waterfall you can buy in the store that just constantly pumps the water through the waterfall. The pine-Sol does a great job of covering the smell)

    White widow isn't exactly the most user friendly plant. You may want to hold off on that for a bit. Same with the Kali Mist and I think the Super Silver Haze.

    I don't know about the rest.
  10. hey bro 2 1000watt lamps is way too much power for the socket! you will overload the breaker! trust me! you better have an electrician come in and install a socket for you! because i just have 1 1000watt and i still had the eletrician install a designated socket! your going to be pulling about 19 amps ! and will your fans and if you have ac your going to really overload the breaker! and scrap that tent! the white wall huts are garbage! they will kill your plants, you need the relflective foil inside instead of the white walls! if you know how to install sockets yourself, you should tap it off of the dishwasher power or bathroom sockets, because they have more usage avail. check out my tent this is the best tent, the white will kill your plants! its no good. check out my post, you can see my tent... http://forum.grasscity.com/general-...r-diesel-clones-tips-hints-pics-included.html

    good luck
  11. What kind of closet are we talking here? it better be like a walk in closet with 2000W in it... plus thats a big jump in your power bill, probably more than 100$ a month, at least around these parts.

    Also like the guys above said, that might flip your breaker. i would start witha 400W or maybe just 1 1000w light

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