Yo, signed up in 2k4 but never really posted

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by HowlingStone, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Sup guys, been mainly a lurker but never really posted much when I registered a couple years back. Anyway, thing that sucks is I haven't smoked any herb in a long time cause I joined the Marine Corps last year. So with random drug testing and all, the next time I'll be blitzed outta my mind will be in April of 2010 :eek:

    But hey, I still totally support the marijuana culture and love hanging around people who smoke pot, even though it makes me jealous haha
  2. iv been here since 2004
    i just started posting alot more since i started growing but i guess youd still call the ratio low.
    you should go all out on 420 2010.
  3. oh mann...that really sucks that you can't smoke until 2010. Surfing these boards you're gonna want to light up every hour ;)
  4. that sucks about not being able to smoke in a while

    but glad you decided to come back :smoke:
  5. welcome to the city! :wave: Sucks you cant smoke but well all smoke a blunt for you.:smoking:

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