YO! Saliva Testing....need info

Discussion in 'General' started by zero*, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. ok. it's me Zero...in 9 hours i'm going to court for shit truancy and they're putting me on probation for a year. and they'll test me randomly....i don't need any information about passing a pisstest. that's easy. i just need some tips on saliva testing... all info is appreciated....

    - keep on smokin' the herb:smoke:
  2. its legal. if they test you and find it positive you can go like "so what bitches i smizzoked that shizzit". they cant do anything. also not to sound like a dick or anything just for your info if you happen to be a minor they might fuck with you for smokin anything just so you know. anyway hope things work and you can smoke the mizzaryjane.
  3. Saliva not Salvia.... I made that same mistake forever ago lol

  4. yeah dude. SALIVA....not SALVIA...haha, it's all good bro. i'll never quit smokin' bud. i've been drug tested before a few times. just never swabbed
  5. Swab tests are easy to pass, thats what I get on probation right now. Just bite down on the piece of plastic so the swab is hovering above your tongue (it's suppose to sit ON your tongue). If it doesn't touch any part of your mouth, you go clean... and yes, it is as simple as that, i've done it about 9 times on proby so far. Good luck.


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