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yo ppl is this grit weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yagyujubei, May 6, 2011.

  1. #1 Yagyujubei, May 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 6, 2011
    hey everyone I read the post in the sticky about grit weed some time ago and the stuff I just got tonight kinda reminded me of it so I wanted some thoughts. here are the facts:

    -I've been getting from this guy a long time and have never gotten shady buds before.
    -It looks normal, when you turn it under the light there were a decent amount of sparkles across the surface, but that's not uncommon since this is pretty good stuff.

    here's some pics, theyre from my phone so not amazing:



    -I put the bud and rubbed it across a DVD and it left scratches..I feel like any weed would though, I pushed down hard.
    -It smokes harsher than any weed I've had in recent memory.
    -I don't think I was seeing things, but I swear it was popping alot when I lit it up (like a seed would but smaller and fairly frequent)...I was driving at the time though.

    What do you guys think? am I just trippin or should I try to get my money back?

    EDIT: and now I think about it I read it's done to add weight, and my guy told me that single bud in the pic(it went all the way down the stem, I've packed a bowl, and a skinny bong pack off it already) weighed at 3.5 which I was skeptical about too. I've had some dense buds, but i dunno...
  2. If you can't see it...Why in all hell do you expect us to?
  3. looks fine, looks like some upper mids....
  4. I dunno dude...untrained eye? I thought the point of this board was to ask ppl with more experience, and I also posted all the other details aside from the pic if u didn't notice. thanks for the productive post though.
  5. Not grit, just mids, looks ok to me man.
  6. Grit weed isn't exactly detectable through a picture like that, chew a piece and see if it gives a "gritty" feeling.

    A good way to avoid this is a.) grow your own shiet , b.) smoke up with your dealer, if he/she won't touch it, I don't suggest you do.
  7. It looks ok, but if it left scratches on the cd... I would be careful.
  8. rub it against a cd if it leaves scratches you got grit
  9. one of the other beginner posts said that you could also tell by looking in your ash for glass specks...does anyone know what this looks like? would they still be see through and reflect light? or are the little opaque white specks in my ash the remnants of glass. it's hard to compare it to what it normally looks like cuz I don't usually pay attn. to this stuff while smokin.

    I'm kinda on the hedge, because when I put it on my tongue it didn't really feel gritty, and didn't have an overly chemical taste, but it did put the scratches in the DVD and is harsh to smoke.

    srry if I'm beating a dead horse here but I hate the thought that I'm wasting bud, and I hate the thought of wasting money even more.
  10. If it left scratches on the CD I wouldn't smoke it. Trichs would not scratch a CD there has to be some other foreign object on your bud.
  11. Also, as I hate to waste money/weed is there a "safe(er)" way to smoke it? like filtering it through the water in a bong and maybe throwing a couple screens in the bowl? or does whatever is harmful about it vaporize and pass through any kind of filter like that..
  12. Ive never trusted telling ppl the CD method just because if you push hard enough some dry weed could leave some scratching. IF you know what you are doing and have had some practice at it its a great test method... But if not, I could see someone leaving scratches.

    Personally I prefer tapping the bud onto something, dip my finger onto the droppings and doing a little taste test. Im sure everyone knows what its like to have sand in your mouth.

    Of course some ppl might say "eww you be eating glass" but really, with construction work, ive had much worse lol... mmm concrete dust in the mouth.
  13. There's no way glass is going to get in your throat if you smoke it through a bong, so I would do that.

    Not sure if there actually is glass in there or not though...try shining a soft light on it to see if you can spot any little reflective pieces.
  14. Put it into a baggy and shake it around a lot. Then check the residue left inside.

    Or roll a bud around in your fingers and if any little particles are left on your finger then it's probably grit as real cannabis crystals would absorb into your skin.
  15. That single bud is supposed to be 3.5g? Ripped. I doubt it's grit though. Sounds poorly flushed/cured.
  16. I know right? I was really skeptical myself....

    anyway I just took another hit with 2 screens through my bong, and it was still super harsh (almost to the point of making me gag, which I almost never do) but the thing that really makes me worry about it is that when the buds burn they crackle and pop a bunch, and spark like little tiny explosions which has def. never happened before with any bud I've bought.
  17. It still sounds like it's been poorly cured. Still, just put it in a bag, shake it alot, and then put the residue on your tongue. If it feels like sand, it's grit. And that tiny amount of glass won't hurt you. Just rinse with some water and spit it out.
  18. It probably has fertilizer salts in it still, which is making it harsh and popping on burning
  19. I have heard of weed dealers in the UK adding ground up glass to weed and hash for some reason, but I am in the US, and I know of some sorry dealers about 15 years ago that would add weight to their buds by spraying them with sugar dissolved in water, and when the bud dried it would appear to have crystals on the buds, plus the added weight was not much, but they often would sell semi- moist weed, which would add some water weight, but hardly worth the time and effort for a few grams per ounce IMO..needless to say anyone who bought off them could tell it had been sprayed with sugar water and they soon went out of
  20. Yeah definately not flushed properly. And as I said earlier I doubt he took the time to cure it either. Which would add a lot to the harshness.

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