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  1. http://highsports.sportsblog.com/posts/2625091/introducing--bud-match-up-of-the-week--nba-finals-edition.html
    Literally just started and have no experience with blogs or journalism. But let me know what you guys think. I only have 1 article at the moment but its only been 24 hours since I began my blogging/journalism career, anyways enjoy the content and regardless if it gets any attention I will still drop 'High Sports" articles as often as possible, and not for the future cannathletesâ„¢ but for the sole fact that I found it to be a fun experience thus far.

  2. Not bad, you write well. Are you always going to compare athletes to strains or was that the theme of this article only?

    You lost me on this line but I liked it anyway
    lmao, keep it up dude :bongin:
  3. Haha glad you enjoyed it, that was my own creative twist on the phrase you're only as strong as your weakest link. For some reason I was thinking about bacon and eggs.
    But my plans for future content revolve around that concept, except I plan to do many different sports including combat sports and extreme sports like skateboarding. I'm still in the brainstorming process for various segments like "pre-game munchies" and "pre-game bowls," and then throw in other forms of entertainment like Hip-hop, sports movies, and sports news that I can tie into cannabis. Anyways thanks a lot for giving it a read and I greatly appreciate the feedback

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