Yo new invention ideas ?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by TRILLBILL, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. I came up with this idea for the "toke counter" which would some how keep track of the amount of hits you take. Lmao what are some ideas youve thought about while high ?
  2. I had this idea one time.. that maybe blue denim jeans eat rats. So I invented a mouse/rat trap hangar . It had mouse traps and rat poison hanging on strings lol. Man. I'm pretty baked. Shoooower time. *Dueces*
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    A new take on an old idea, involving a capsule filled with sath balts that is bitten down on in an emergency such as being kidnapped, like a cyanide capsule.
    Not sure if mentioning "sath balts" is against rules so delete post if need be.
  4. A lighter kinda like a zippo, but instead of a wick there is beeline and once it's been lit the gas stops and you get to smoke with the beeline hassle-free. You could put a spool of beeline in it so that you could pull up more as necessary.

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