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Yo. New grow first time need advise | CFL | organic soil | closet grow

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Grow4Luv, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Thanks for the response. I have these two lower buds that are lacking by a lot should I try to clone them or leave them be ? & I don’t have any bloom bytes besides
    Miracle grow house food plant 1-3-1 but I honestly don’t like using it due to the fact it’s miracle grow so today I bought some molasses grandmas old fashioned molasses unsurlfed I’ll be feeding her that & maybe some manure teas if needed
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  2. No worries man.
    I leave them others take them if you make sure they have light all the time u will find that they are hard and dense even tho they are small. If they get no light they will be airy fairy buds. So it's your call man.
    If it was me I'd be looking for a bloom nutrient at a local hydro store. Doesn't have to be expe side but the difference is night and day.
    Mg whilst not brilliant can work I've used it many years ago. But the specific nute ranges are better designed for them.

    SOUR DIESEL AND GHOST TRAIN HAZE before the gg4 crosses start to go in.
    SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!
  3. Today I’ve ramped up the lighting I’ve got two t5 lights 35k along with all my current CFLs also bought some 40watt CFLs today 65k which I hadn’t had at all just 5k & a big 40 watt 27k & as for feedings I couldn’t find anything as of plant food I live in a small area not a hydro store if there is one I doubt they’d carry any mj friendly nutes. I haven’t used any of the miracle gro as for two weeks bow & I don’t think I will at all just gonna use some of this blackstrap molasses I found I had the grandmas old fashioned I heard the back strap is the best shit & I have some bone meal 2-17-0 mixed with some molasses 1-0-3 hopefully that’s good enough for bloom
    Nutes if not I can always order offf amazon if that’s not my last option & maybe pick up some super trive at Lowe’s
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  4. Lighting 4 - 32 watt 35k t5 bulbs

    3 - 13 watt 27k CFLs

    3 23-24 watt 27k CFLs ( my 40 watt cfl 27k blew only six hours of use)

    2 - 23 watt 5k bulbs

    1 - 40 watt cfl 65k

    As for nutes Molasses & bone meal

    I’m thinking of getting the dyno gro bloom nutes 3-12-6 I think it’s like 10 bucks. Off amazon

    Here’s some pics I had took yesterday
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  5. Here’s some trichomes upclose & one of the side branch nug shots
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  6. These are a few Days old they’ve grown a lot some of them are swelling nicely & they’re cone shaped I do think by the end of the grow I’ll have some nice fat fence buds I rubbed some sugar leaves n squeezed a nug it was solid not all ‘fluffy’ & my fingers smelled very skinky lemon haze odor

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