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Yo, my penis is acting real fuckery like when i'm high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt Visions, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. When i'm high I get horny as fuck. Like Harry Johnson over here is really trying to get my attention. So when I try jerking off, he feels really numb and it takes a long time for me to get one out of him, and when I do it doesn't feel that great.

    Hey!!!! Hey Mandingo, STOP WITH THE BULLSHIT!!! If you're gonna get hard at least be sensitive.:mad:

    Yes, i'm that mad......
  2. I made a thread about this in the lifestyle/sex discussion years ago. I was considered a troll for that, as all the other users said it had the opposite effect (claims it was enzyte for them, or the likes). But yeah, it is harder for me to get hard when i'm high. Same for when i'm drunk or if I just smoke a lot of cigarettes. Diet and exercise helps, though. I'm a lot bigger when my overall diet/lifestyle is uptrending.
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA great thread,

    i read somewhere that weed makes sex last longer, meaning sensitivity is reduced and all that.
  4. I feel you bro.. and for some reason I always have to piss when I'm about to finish.. WTF!
  5. Feels good man, takes a while but feels fucking good.
  6. A lot of times when I'm masturbating while high, I would just get distracted by some random thing and end up having to get it up again. But other than that i don't experience any problems, feels great when I'm high.

    Thread title is interesting.
  7. Show him who his daddy is
  8. Slap him around like a bitch.
  9. pretty much this, that said I get distracted normally. ADD lol
    but I love fapping when high, its always been great for me and I feel it helps me last longer.

    but hey if it isn't working for you I'm sorry :( good luck man
  10. the real question is do you have this problem in the company of a woman?

    also, i've never heard of someones dick hurting when they bust a nut o_O might wanna get that checked out.
  11. Mine was only bad when i was a kid...funny how i would always like push that fucker back in and people would be like if you have to go to the bathroom just go..

    and i was just there like yah.... thats not the problem
  12. It doesn't hurt. It just feels very numb, like really numb. However, when i'm completely sober the feeling comes back. I just don't like it when the thing gets so hard and when I try to jerk off it feels like it isn't there. It's like he's teasing me.:mad:
  13. I feel sorry for you because jerking off high is amazing.
  14. [quote name='"MrHighFlyer"']I feel you bro.. and for some reason I always have to piss when I'm about to finish.. WTF![/quote]

    I always gotta pee when I'm done. I think it's the body trying to clear all the remaining jizz outta your dick.

    But for me, weed alone doesn't make the tent get pitched, I need an outside stimulant.
  15. yea i find it takes a lot longer to cum, but when i do, its like a volcano. Vivid imagery was totally necessary.

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