YO lol omg your gonna laugh so hard at this..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by boredjim8, May 3, 2006.

  1. Heh so im in back right matts to my left jenn in front driving and leah is in passenger seat.. our windows are down cause i gotta go home so were arin me out from the hotbox we just did w/ a fat dutch =D .. all high as shit drivin down my street almost at my house.. my window is half down cause im in back and it doesnt go down further and leahs windows all the way down cause it can..

    well we make the turn goin down and i live on a golfcourse so all of a sudden (its like 950 now) water OWNS leahs face so bad.. a stream just sprays her in the face a ton of water .. i only got a little wet.. heh it was the fuckin sprinkler on the teeoff

    they spin around wet the green every night and someone moved it way to close to the road and we drove by at perfect timing omg we were all dying .. so funny sooo funny
  2. man i dont know these people personally but i know if that happend to me and my buddys i would laugh specially because you where high ha funny man funny
  3. Anytime someone gets hit in the face with something and they are not expecting it, it is probably one of the funniest things that could happen.
  4. That happened to me on a school bus. I was pissed I was the only one to get sprayed in the face! I was soo pissed lol. Funny shit though
  5. ahaha i would love to set a sprinkler right on the side of my sidewalk and turn it on as the cars come by and get em drenched.
  6. heh every night now i run out to the course and drag the sprinkler in range to PWN peoples faces :p
  7. Bahahahaha....that's fucking great....I wanna do that
  8. omg LOL wtf rofl lmao bbq
  9. You live on a golfcourse dude!? thats fuckin siiiiiiiiiiiiiick. can you take golf balls and stuff.? those things are like 2 bucks a piece

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