yo im smoking Jeffrey

Discussion in 'General' started by Free The BIRDS, May 14, 2011.

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    lol my brothers like 'when you mix k2 spice blend with weed it called jeffrey'

    . as a everyday marijuana consumer-vaporizer im currently smokin 'Jeffrey'.. anything to excpect?

    i forgot what i read about these spice blends on here. i think something along the lines of them being complete shit and nothing close to as good as the 'real stuff'.
    is the shit dangerous and something to stay away from.

    ya im too lazy to search now guys, and im hitting a few bowls in ma bong.
    my bro got my a glass screen, real dope, its my first one. feel pretty good stilll

    u ever try 'legal spices' ?? u like it at all son? yeeee thanks

    *im not a supporter of them at alll. i woudnt of even cared to try, but my brother said he got real high and cant belive how close they got to the real thing. i dunno i gota try more, right now im feeling pretty much the same.
    which is really fkn good
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  4. I dunno, I've only heard bad things about spice and whatnot.
  5. inb4delete

    no comment :rolleyes: :)
  6. I've only heard spice is like weed but you can pass a drug test. I would never smoke spice though because its fairly new from what I hear and I know weed only causes the munchies, ah yeah, I said it..
  7. now..where is he.....come out, you know who you are!
  8. word.

    well my test. smoked a few bowls of k2 spice with weed. then 30 minutes later smoked a few more of both. then just a few bowls of the k2 alone.
    well it wasnt harsh at all. maybe less harsh feeling then weed.. which i liked

    tasted reminded me of salvia which i didnt like. think thats like the only thing i dont like

    im feeling really fkn good now. i would say it is an excellent replacement over weed if the situation comes across, but i personally wouldnt use it over actual NATURAL herb.
    despite how awesome im feeling, i wont be smoking it again. cause i dont smoke in the first place and ill stick to natural shiizz.

    high feels SAME but different. i think i read your tolerance to it is different then the cannabis one?? how true is that i wonder.
    i feel real good and i like it ehhallllot. ima go do something else before i munchhh outt

  9. i mustve forgot "legal" spices arent able to be discussed. maybe only legal here now.

    sorry mods
  10. ya, doesn't fly here, sorry.
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