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  1. I decided to make an account here. My names Paul and i have recently become a Cannabis-card patient in Whittier CA.

    I have GAD(general anxiety disorder) and have been smoking the last 2 weeks. Well hello everyone, i shall leave you with pictures of my stuff.

  2. hows the weed helping so far my brotha?
  3. yo whats up man, im in the GAD/depression boat too. pot is 10000x better than any kind of SSRI or that other crap they give you
  4. Do you still have my shorts?
  5. I'd say its been helping pretty good. I've actually been feeling happier since ive been smoking. And less anxiety.
  6. Heeeeeeeyyyyy, I kno you from somewhere.
  7. do you believe in time travel?

  8. I just vaped another gram of Northern Lights with the lights off to another Zero 7 album. I keep on going into that retro future. At least it's god damn amazing.




  9. You have come from Halo3forum. The gayest forum in existence.


  10. Obviously you've never been to revamp.

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