yo guys

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. again im still poping in and checking up on y'all seeing whats happening.

    hows every1? any1 got anything AMAZING!! thats happened?

    :smoking: mmm super skunk jay or 2
  2. It's our Village Idiot!

    You better stop in more often, Doc! I mean it! :p

    I'm getting high...that's about as amazing as it gets for me right now! I'm happy with that.

    SOOOOOOOOO....do you have anything amazing to report to us?????
  3. Nice to see ya again Dr. Knapp!! :wave:

    How's life been treatin' ya?
  4. Well the other day I got pretty wasted:smoking:

    Then just yesterday I got really wasted :smoking:

    and then today I getting super fucked :smoking:

  5. hey! im baked, and thought yey grasscity!

    im getting a chopper(pedal not harly lol) going retro!! camper an all. lol i also should be a stand up comedian but icant remember my funny jokes
  6. and told, bummer
  7. I've been sober. It sucks. Maybe I'll have some better news after my vacation. :)

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