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  1. What up Grasscity? Ive been smoking straight a++ dro for a year now. I recently took a tolerance break because i moved to a different county and i moved back. When I moved back I smoked a super super dank strain called PK-Ultra probably the same thing as MK-Ultra. Anyway, I was tripping off half a blunt and when i went to take a shower I seen everything in Cartoon mode. Everything was crazy funny and distorted for like a min. Im not saying it was a bad thing. Also, I heard that coffee addiction opens up new pathways for thc. lol This never happened to me before can someone explain it?:confused::smoking:
  2. welcome to the gc
  3. cartoon mode huh?

  4. haha yea sounds weird but everything was slowed down but it kinda made me pause and i seen everything in a crazy way.
    kinda like this:
  5. I wish weed gave me hallucinations like that...

  6. thats not a hallucination
  7. He said he was seeing everything in cartoon mode, last time I had that happen wasn't with weed.
  8. Check em out n give me feedback grasscity. Good looks. Im making a beattape called Herbal Remedies. I know that my drums sound average in some areas but my samples are on point. Im from NY but moved to FL been making beats with my boys for a while. I use FL STUDIO for now.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNyKt5SiIpU]The City - YouTube[/ame]
    Green Time - YouTube
    Over The Clouds - YouTube
    T Trav Crate Diggin Samples - YouTube
    Grover Washington Flip - YouTube
    Heaven or Hell Instrumental - YouTube

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