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Yo got a question!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by growinpot, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Im not sure if any one will know the answer to this but i live in Orlando Florida and its like 85+ degrease F like every day and its EXTREMELY humid my seed has sprouted but i am worried about drying and curing would my buds suck if i hung them outside for like 3-5 days then did the mason jar cureing?

    P.S: Dose anyone know how humid it is in Orlando Florida?
    Its summer here BTW.

  2. You have a much greater risk of damage when drying outdoors. One single rainfall could ruin your crop. Mold would also be an issue since the humidity is so high. If it's not possible to hang in your own home, you could possibly call a friend with a nice basement?
  3. theirs not many basements in Florida but i think i got a great idea we just moved to a new house in the same neighborhood and our old house is vacant still so i could dry them in their i guess.

    And i can cure them in my closet because that wont smell so bad.
  4. yea theres no basements down here..
    i had the same problem.. so i use my car to dry in..
    of course i dont drive it during that time

    if you dry hole plants they wont stink nearly as much.. as if you trimmed all the nugs off..

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