Yo GC need Dirt Bike advice!

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    So I haven't been on a bike since I was like 14 and it was my buddies 80cc Yamaha.

    I've been riding my parents Sportsman around for just over a year now and I've been dying to get a bike.

    What would you reccommend for a first time rider? I'm 20, around 165 pounds and 6'2.

    This is the bike I've been watching. I might go take a peek at it this weekend.

    Also, what should I look for when buying a bike?

    2005 Suzuki DR-Z - Peterborough Dirt Bikes, Motocross For Sale - Kijiji Peterborough Canada.
  2. You will be way to big for that bike, get a full size bike, what kind of riding will you be doing?
  3. get a 250, I hadn't ridden since I was 14 also then hopped onto a 250 last month for my birthday, and felt at home even though the biggest bike I rode then was a 80 hahah
  4. Way too big?

    Are you talking about engine size or the bike itself?

    I'll just be riding trails, no racing or anything.

    I was looking at 250's but my buddies said it was too much.
  5. Well it depends alot on your riding, trails? Track? Dunes? Open areas? If your riding trails I would recommend something like a 250 four stroke maybe a YZF250 or pretty much any other brands equivalent. I say trails because four strokes (generally) have more low end torque and better low-mid range acceleration vs. a two stroke. On trails you would probably want that torquey engine. If your on dunes, plains etc. a 125 or 250 two stroke would do you well, two strokes tend to have ALOT more top end than a equivalent four stroke, but tend to lack a little on the low end. This is not to say a four stroke isn't going to go fast, but a 250 two stroke will have a higher top speed than a 250 four stroke. Two strokes are also more expensive to run, as they burn gas and oil much faster (four strokes don't burn oil (or they shouldn't) but whatever). In short--
    Four stroke= low-mid range torque, acceleration
    Two stroke= High end torque, top speed
    Hopefully this helps a little.
  6. Both most likely, it's going to be uncomfortable for you to ride. Try and find a 250 trail bike, just take it easy untill you get used to the bike.
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    A 250 wouldn't be "too much". You would likely get bored of anything smaller than a 250 pretty fast, also I'm assuming your talking four stroke? A 250 two stroke will scream if you let it, which may be "too much" for some people I guess.
    EDIT: Just looked at that bike you had in OP and I would recommend you go bigger than that. I had a Yamaha TTR-125 when I was younger (basically Yamaha equivalent of that bike) and I couldn't picture a 6'2 man riding it haha.

  8. they don't even sell two strokes anymore do they?
  9. KTM does, not sure on others haven't been in the dirtbike scene in a while, but can still buy them used
  10. Thanks everyone, much appreciated.

    I was talking about 250's at work today and everyone was like "Nooo man! You'll kill yourself." I tend to drive like a maniac on ATV's but I'm not an idiot. I would obviously learn to ride and control the bike before I got crazy.

    What bike would you recommend?

    This is another bike I was looking at:
    1998 Suzuki RM250 - Peterborough Dirt Bikes, Motocross For Sale - Kijiji Peterborough Canada.

    And what should I look for in a used bike? To know if it's in good shape or bad..
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    I couldn't actually tell you, as I havn't looked into new bikes in a while, a couple years ago they did though. I couldn't imagine them just completely cutting half the market off though. Unless the (completely stupid) EPA put mad regulations on new bikes. That EPA bullshit is especially prevalent in California, so it mite just be a state or regional thing. But you could always find used two strokes....

    EDIT: To OP's post above me, that is a 250 two stroke, so I guess you could kill yourself on that pretty easy haha. But that doesn't mean you will, if you take it easy on the throttle while you get used to how it handles you'll be fine. I bet that bike could hit near 70 MPH on a hard surface........
  12. Get a yamaha 450r
  13. A 2 stroke 250 will have similar power to a 4 stroke 450. You'll probable be fine with a 250 four stroke.

    If your set on buying a 250 2 stroke, you could put a flywheel weight on it, and make it a little less harder to stall it in the slow sections
  14. Oh and I'm just riding old train track trails.

    Most of the trails are similar to this:


    Take a look at the YZF add I posted. Does that seem legit?
  15. If your take it slow at first a 250 should be okay. I have seen bigger guys than you fit on 125s though. I'm 6'4 and fit on my friends just fine. A 250 would be as big as I would go though. My first bike was a honda 400 four stroke and it was way too much for a beginner.
  16. Hard to tell much from that add itself.

    Another forum for good advice is thumpertalk.com, they can tell you what to look for when you go and look at the bike, prices etc..
  17. I'd go for that YZF over that RM you posted any day.....Keep in mind with a two stroke, your probably gonna have to rebuild it every couple years, and that Suzuki almost guaranteed has been raced.
    Four strokes are IMO a better option for anyone thats not craving crazy top speeds. But if you think about it, on trails, you will rarely hit the top speed on any bike bigger than a 125.......
  18. Any used bike you buy, could need a rebuild at any time, four strokes are generally cost alot more to rebuild than a two stroke though
  19. Thanks.

    Are the YZF's four stroke? I've heard dirt bikes are an endless money-pit and I'd rather go with a four stroke if I don't have to rebuild it all the time.

    I'm really not looking to go crazy fast. Mainly to ride the tracks with my buddies and get to work and back.

    I think the YZF I posted is a nice bike. It looks like it's in pretty good shape. I've contacted her and I might stop by and look at it this weekend. I have no idea what dirt bikes are worth. What would you offer for it?

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