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  1. Hey GC, quick poll...How much trouble you think I'm gunna get in if choppers spot this monster?
    Upstate NY.

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  2. A slap on the wrist bro, you're all good. Nice plant.
  3. Hope so dude cause I'm sooo looking foward to having mason jars full lol.
  4. they will spot it and go aww fuck man its only one beautiful plant and fly past.....nice plant for sure.
  5. not the chopper stressing again? think positive man
  6. Beautiful. What are the measurements? Whats the circumference of the trunk?
    Is this one of your dads mystery chron seeds? Let a bro know something before you start asking paranoid questions..... Dont blow my buzz!

    Man that girl is gonna weigh LBS. Your gonna be "burpin" a lot of jars come OCT.

    I hope she has time to truly finish.


  7. Hey Voo, yeah It's the mystery girl, technically this plant is ten years older than me....trippy man :D
    Rough measurments untill I can get out there with a tape.
    6' tall by about 7' or 8' wide, Stem is about as wide as a pack of marbs at the base :)
  8. got a stem pic for you guys, And an alright top view, snapped it about 1 1/2 seconds before I fell out of the tree '___'

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  9. what happened to your arm? its not from running from those choppers is it?
  10. Nope it's from falling out of a tree trying to get a top view of my plant just now lol.
  11. aww shit man are you ok? be careful at the grow,you dont want paramedics out there
  12. Yeah I'm good just got my arm caught in the crotch of a branch on the way down lol. Even if the cops don't see it, I do have quite a few "migrant workers" (mexicans) working my fields at the moment...and you can smell her from there. Trying to stay positive but it's gunna be a miracle if this thing makes it to october lol.
  13. oh no, how close are the workers to your plants?
  14. About 300 yards at the closest. Seperated my an old babrbed wire fence and overgrown scrub. They usually dont wander off the field, but they could still catch a wiff being downwind.
  15. i made some insecticidle soap with fresh garlic,hot pepper and soap and it takes the smell of the plant away and helps with the bugs too,they hate the taste and smell

  16. Your doing good work Blue. Just stay outta those trees.:smoke: Im glad you didnt land on your plant.

    The plant looks Afghani dom with those fat leaves and thick canopy.
  17. I'd sat Afghan for sure. Looking fucking beautiful, if I had made it that far and got sketched I would move it or put it inside or something man, don't loose all that.
  18. :smoke::smoke::smoke:

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  19. If anybody wants to see close ups and just all around better pics with my camera just hit up the journal. Probaby won't be checking this thread much anymore.
  20. hers all about those choppers and flur,etc....
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InJHDLNCRzc]NEVER GET RAIDED FULL DVD - YouTube[/ame]

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