Yo city should i shroom for the first time alone 2night?

Discussion in 'General' started by KilltheKlown, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. I have half an eighth.. im kinda sketchy should i wait until my perents are completely asleep? will i be noticibly fucked up? how much do u think i should take to get just slightly fucked up (in grams). these shrooms bruise blue and i wus told they're good what should i do? also what should i do to help have a better trip? ( already went to erowid..)

  2. dude just eat it all, the more you see the better
  3. if your worried about your mum finding you staring at the walls with drool hangin out you mouth then lock youself in your room
  4. haha man you don't want to trip in your house when your parents are asleep and youre all alone, youll start worrying about getting caught and could have a bad trip. if youre gonna trip alone go into the woods and trip or trip with a friend somewhere safe and comfortable.
  5. yup ... what he said ^
  6. It's really your call man. Is this your first trip ever, or just your first trip alone? If its just your first alone, how'd you react to the others?

    Personally, I'd eat them. I've never tripped alone, but I really want to. If you feel too nerveous about it, then save them for later, they're not going to go bad.
  7. welp even though its no longer "tonight" and its morning now, if u ever want to trip alone i'd say go for it, i personally like to be alone for awhile when i'm trippin, its fun to be with people the first couple hours but then i jus wanna kinda go somewhere to jus think about life and stuff without anybody bothering me.
  8. wow that wus fucking wierd.... i took 1.8 grams... man i wus FUCKED UP....

    only got like 2 hours of sleep....

    i felt incredibly good at first then i got a lil uncomfortable and wanted it to go to sleep....

    lol but i was calling everybody up telling them i loved them..

    i dont kno what 2 say i dont feel any different ( afterglow?) will i feel any different in the next few days

    edit: OH YEAH and i didnt see anything.... things just seemed wierd and brighter and had more colors... Have any of you guys had visuals from taking half an eighth? how many shrooms do u think it'll take to make me see shit?

    Thanx city
  9. I took shrooms for the first time last night at my house, with a friend, while my mom was asleep. Terrible trip. The walls were bleeding, cotton webs were everywhere, and the tv was going in fast foward but the sound was normal... It was crazy.
  10. i've taken over an 1/8th and didn't "see" anything. However, I did see things brighter and my thought process was extremely different and faster paced.

    I think to really "see" or have visualizations you would need to fast the whole day at least (even maybe since the day before) and I can almost gurantee you will SEE MANY THINGS! hehehe
  11. Shroom at the beach. I swear, it's the best.
  12. is fasting necesary
  13. ^fasting makes it noticeably better. and half an eigth isn't enough for visuals.
  14. I fasted before eating 3.8g of mushrooms. I started already feeling confused after like 5-7 minutes.
  15. "and half an eigth isn't enough for visuals."

    Wrong, i ate 3.6 grams and had ALOT of visuals.

  16. i'm not wrong. it just goes to prove my point. you ate an eigth plus one tenth of a gram. that's more than twice half an eigth. DUH!!
  17. if i took a whole eighth would i be able to even function?
  18. I meant to say 1.6 grams. I have a digital scale, so im sure it is the accurate amount. Like I said, I had a ton of visuals. Bleeding walls, cottons webs, spiders, swirling colors, etc. After reading an artical on erowid i came to the conclusion that I had a full blown trip. Maybe I had powerful shit, or they were laced?
  19. damn i took 1.8 and didnt really see shti like that.... and it took 2 hours to start
  20. different strains of shrooms, how much you ate before(food), your environment and your mood can affect your trip a lot

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