yo bladez, this is some freaky shit...

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    so check this out.

    take the word illuminati and spell it backwards. you will get "itanimulli". now take the backwards spelling and make it into a link.

    www. itanimulli .com

    put that in url bar and see where it takes you.

  2. Damn... wasn't expecting that. Pretty interesting...
  3. Fuck that man, I aint even going to click on the link, out of fear.
  4. if its anything like the dea one, they log your ip the first time you visit the page. or something alone those lines.:rolleyes:
  5. That is what I am saying. I would have done it with proxy or something, but why go through the effort.
  6. glad I clicked the link at school...
  7. i seriously doubt the feds are gonna send jack booted thugs to kick down you door just because you typed illuminati backwards and got redirected to the nsa's webpage.
  8. Not being a dick or anything, but why dude?

    NSA doesnt even work like that. They would stalk you, for months, even years, and bust you.

    It just seems like a possible risk, to know reward. I mean if there was some hot 18 year olds, spread eagle on the hood of a 70 Chevelle, I would assume this risk.
  9. Uh-oh.
    Seriously, that's weird.

  10. I need your permission to use this as my sig :p :hello::hello::hello:
  11. i find that kinda suspicious myself.

    i did the thing. but it is pretty odd that it would direct you to the NSA website. that doesnt even make any sense unless they are just fucking with our heads.

    i wonder what other words that might work with. like conspiracy. 9112001. pentagon. ill give some a try. im not scerd.
  12. yeah none of those worked. i guess its nothing
  13. You may use it lol
  14. It's all just a joke. Both that website and the .org version of that website are registered through GoDaddy to John Fenley. That's his site also -> Pontifier.com
  15. that's what i more or less figured. anyone could set up a domain w/ a url of their choice and redirect the page to any address they wanted.

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