Yo Blades, Whats your favorite munchy foods?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nicholasthedank, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Mine are:
    2~Flamin' hot cheetos
    3~Swedish Fish
    5~Moosetracks Icecream :hello:
  2. Holy shit do I have a greater appreciation for apples stoned. I don't know my favourite food (considering it's all great) but one thing that is crappy for the dry mouth and munchies - buscuits. My mouth moves in a horse-like motion eating that shit whilst high.
  3. krispy-cream donuts
    cinnamon toast crunch cereal
  4. I make this before I go up.

    Lightly toasted white bread
    Deli turkey
    tomato slice
    Garlic sauss
  5. I'm gonna go with what I'll be munching on the next couple days

    I have a mixed family so I'll be munching on:
    home made tortillas
  6. For some reason when I get the munchies I've been wanting ice cream or cookies Lol.I think its my hypothyroidism.
  7. I eat souls.
  8. grapes are insanely good for some reason while baked
    and my mom gave me cookies shaped as turkeys for thanksgiving and their pretty damn good hahahaha their kinda funny looking though i started laughing at it earlier....... :hide:
  9. 1.gordita from taco bell
    2.taco bell
    3.dry cereal
    4.chocolate loaf cake
    5.pumpkin pie.. happy thanksgiving
    7.alfredo noodles
    9.choco chip cookies
    10.milano cookies

  10. mmm yummy yummy souls
  11. can't go wrong with pizza pillows
  12. Have you ever had Popsicles whilist high omg best thing ever but I forgot what I was doing and I thought I was sucking on my frozen finger

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