Yo.. anyone else ever rolled this long???

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    Well two weeks ago I did X for the first time, I rolled for about 5-6 hours and I started to feel a bit of come down so I went to sleep(took two transformers).

    We'll this past Weds. I took another two transformers and a half of a purple rooster and dear God... I rolled(and tripped a fair bit) for 11 and 1/2 hours and thats when I went to sleep.

    I felt great the next day(still haven't felt any come down effects during the two times I've done it), but shit it lasted for ever and it's not like I was tripping in my head or some shit because I watched the clock semi regularly.

    Is this normal? Most people when they talk about rolls I hear 4-6 hours and as low as 2-3 for like speed rolls(I believe thats what their called...) so what's going down? Did I just get lucky or is this kind of shit going to continue... I kind of wanted to know because last time I took em at 12pm figuring I'd be done rolling at like 7(an hour to kick in and 6 hours of rollin) at the latest, and instead I was fuckin rollin till 12:30 kinda screwed up some plans I had for later but no biggie. Just wondering if anyone else has ever rolled like that, or if its even good for me to roll that long?
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    bro every ones body works in different ways,the body is a crazy thing,works in a very mysterious ways,things like that happen frequently.
  3. hmm only time ive ever experienced something like that was when i mix pills, seems like you mixed pills, not telling what was in your pills, but some combos of pills just seem to last fucking long

    were u able to sleep? sounds like u took two good pills then a meth bomb to me tho

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