Yo! Any grasscity members up in korea?!

Discussion in 'General' started by chadwarden, May 5, 2011.

  1. i noticed theres a lot more foreigners here than i thought. if you live in south korea for whatever reason, give a shout out!
  2. The real question is - are there any NORTH Korean tokers here? ;)
  3. High unlikely..North Korea has banned the internet.
  4. How is Korea :smoke: ?
  5. Sorry for a minor highjack, but Korea is one of the countries that my List (click that first link in my sig) has not gotten to yet. I would be very pleased to send you a free copy of my List, if you would either PM me with your email, or email me directly (email addy is at the bottom of my sig).

    My List is now in Russia, Finland, Sweden, South Africa, Wales, England, France, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippine Islands and a few other countries. I am actually a member of a Russian cannabis forum (and now I get Viagra spam in Cyrillic, as well as Italian, English and Spanish. lol)!

    Educate yourself! Cannabis is good for a lot more than "just" getting high!

  6. Haha send me the link to the russian one.. Unless ofcourse it's in russian.. obviously it probably is so nevermind ;P
  7. what list is this? im at the facebook page and i'm confused. if it has to do anything with marijuana in a positive way, i will do my best to help
  8. SO i take it no one lives in south korea at all? this cant be true. this community is huge!
  9. i used to live in shinchon. gl luck blazing in korea. u'll end up paying 60 to 100 bucks for a GRAM unless you manage to sneak it in urself. then ur the man. everyone will want to be ur friend lol.

    also if u get caught.. be prepared to be shipped off and banned from the country unless you are willing to give up five people who smoke, sell, or even know people who smoke or sell.

    korea is not worth visiting as a toker. in fact i would even go as far as to say korea isn't really worth visiting period. its fun for a while but drinking every night kinda gets lame. the fights make it interesting though i suppose..
  10. yo you like kim-chee?
  11. Hi Chad, try this-


    I actually have very little to do with the facebook- an Australian artist, Anne Marie, does it- I just send her my List (that first link) and she "has fun with it"!

    I don't care how the info gets out (or who gets the credit)- I just want folks to learn about what cannabis can do! I encourage all of you to share my List, or articles from it, with everyone whom you think could benefit from the information!

    And the Russian site is called olkpeace.org

  12. Hey, im in Kohria. Seoul to be exact. PM ME, we can be butt buddies, err I mean friends...
  13. knew it! actually have some people living in korea =)
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    I know. :)

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