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  1. After being an idiot and quitting my last job b/c I was pissed off at a fellow manager I've been trying for 2 weeks to get a new job...today I got my first call back!!! I have an interview tomorrow!!! It's a crappy job at a grocery store, but it's only to get me thru til April when I move to Florida. Anyway, wish me luck!!!
  2. A job is a fine thing if it does'nt take up too much of your spare time.:)

    Good luck kiddo!
  3. Totally, good luck! Low funds are a nightmare for a stoner.
  4. Good luck!
  5. best of luck i hope it goes really really well! :D
  6. Good Luck!

    You may need to stay up later so you can party enough! LOL
  7. good luck

    im jobless my self but i cant be assed to get 1 at the mo
  8. thanks everybody! I'll tell you this evening if I get it
  9. all the best!
  10. I wish I had me a job...Oh well I'll just stick with the full time stoner thing
  11. ARGH!!! they don't have any 3rd shift openings....but he said I can work 2nd shift part time....ick!
  12. I know exactly how you feel- tried to get a job for six weeks, got a good one doing tele-sales, one week later the company goes bust! AAAAAAArgh! Got an interview tonight at the pub next door (very convenient) Any chance of passing on some luck?
  13. GOOD LUCK!!!

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  14. a job is always good, makin money, and probelly a couple of stoners work there :)
  15. I worked in a grocery store for over 6 months. I hated every minute of it. I worked for a big chain where you always have to be peppy and crap like that. While the pay was good they treated me like poo. All that money i saved is slowly deteriorating. I guess ill be looking for a job soon.
  16. i work at cub foods, and it totally sucks balls. every day im looking for a new reason to call in. called in today as a matter of fact :p

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