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yippee, life is grand!!

Discussion in 'General' started by chikkybabe, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. well in total opposition of my misery thread...this is my yippee thread...

    today is a great day...my husband goes on christmas holidays this afternoon...the chrissie pays are in the bank and i am going to brave the hordes of people in the shopping centre to buy some pressies for my beloved..

    (my town only has 6000 people in it so i dont actually think there will b any queues...lol)

    life today is great!

    oh yeah...i just checked out my buds and they are FAT and lookin good..ready to harvest just before chrissie.....woo hoooooo
  2. Very nice, hope things get even better.

    I made the mistake of going out the day after Thanksgiving to do my shopping. I never did it before and I thought it would be a somewhat of an adventure. I was right. I was dodging people left and right, being attacked by vicious lines and cracking the gibberish language of brain-dead store clerks!

    Your grow is ready, awesome! What strain are you growing?
  3. i have no idea...just bagseed...but lookin gud..
  4. I love bag seed seeing as can not get any gens.

    but good to see you are happy:D Where are you going on holidays or are you not going? I want to go to egypt and amsterdam.
  5. no i am renovating...boring...

    i would love to go to egypt....it is a definite one day...

    i might try nip over adelaide for a few days to see some mates...

    are u doin anything over chrissie??
  6. call in to sovereignhill and l,ll shout ya,all a smoke and a stubbie :D
  7. thats near ballaratt right...

    hmmmm...juicy fruit...
  8. bed and breakfast and all ya can smoke and drink my new friend.[​IMG] keeping in mind l got 4 kids and 2 grand kids and one on the way ,lol.l,d love it if ya,all came to visit.we could show them yankies what real partying is about ,lol.
  9. critter stoned 27/7. critter 11 stoned and rotten drunk .for the 1000 time ,lol.
  10. its a date!, well if i leave queensland it is...hey i got 4 kids too..itd be like the brady bunch, but much much worse...

    with a drunk and stoned pair of parents.....cracking up real bad now....
  11. ya,all real welcome ,lol.[​IMG] p.s. just let me know dates and we are on babe .budstock aussie style :D .eat ya hearts out dudes .we gonna party aussie style :D

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