Yin Yang

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  1. The Yin Yang, teaches to identify both sides. To See the difference between the two Paths.
    It also teaches that no path, is Chaos.
    It also teaches to stay away from the connection of higher self.
    This is done to see distance,
    To See if One is able to look completely away from Self.
    To avoid the 3 parts of the Whole
    To release that One can exist detached. God Like, but not God.
    For Knowing God, is Chaos.
    But what they failed to understand, is that Son, has control
    Of that too. It can be felt with Love.
    It can be felt with Fear.
    Do You See the Difference?
    Do You Acknowledge This?
    Is this too much for you?
    To get Lost in your Head.
    To Question, what is written.
    To Know When You Connect, We Connect.
    When you do it with Love
    It Feels Better.
    Just Flow with your High.
    Don't over analyze what it happening.
    Just feel the Flow
    Feel the vibe of You
    Flow solid with it

    So, did you get stuck in your head? Did you realize that you were something
    Different than you are? Did you realize some different viewpoint you could have?
    To feel away, Connected without the ringing in your ears.
    To feel the Void, of Who We Are.
    To feel the disconnect.
    To feel confusion, uncertainty, doubt
    So that you could remember again what it was
    To forget each time you remember
    It is time to remember
    It is time to bring this to the world.
    Release the Forgiveness
    Forgive yourself for everything that has been done.
    Does your head feel a bit wobbly?
    This has been described many different ways. Many of you have done very good.
    I Thank You.
    This feels Great! This is the Love, I have for You.
    This is a Gift for You to Share.
    Love It. For It Loves You.
    Always, All Ways
  2. Understand the thrust of the yang -
    But be more like the yin in your being

    Be like a valley, that parts to its stream;

    Be like a stream, for the earth...

    And channel it, so it flows - to the sea.

    Be newborn - be free of yourself,
    be humble, be earthy, be a valley for the whole world.

    Be a channel for the energies here -
    weave them in a truue and practical way
    so they can link up with th Way and become one again.

    Oneness generates everything:

    when the sage rules in the light of it,
    He rules everything.

    A wise man never tries to break up the Whole.

    -Tao Te Ching
  3. We are all infinite, yet limited


    Won't you be my source and I'll be yours?

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