Yikes!!! I found a male in my garden!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by w33dwoman420, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. I have been looking them over carefully everyday because I knew they woud start to flower soon, and today I noticed a male. Thank god I noticed it in time....it had just begun to flower and hadn't pollenated yet. I cut it at the base and moved it ever so slowly out of there.

    What if some pollen released while I was moving it? It's unlikely though because I took all necessary precautions to abstract it but you never know, anything is possible, no matter how careful you are.
    I know my females would have seeds if it pollentated them, but would it ruin my crop? Other than not being seedless? I mean, would it still be fairly smokable? (*just not as good because not as much thc because it would be busy producing seeds, do I have that about right?)
    Thank you...this is my first outdoor grow ever and things have ran smoothly, til now grrrrrrr!
  2. Nah, you should be fine, but let us know if you see any balls or seeds in the future.
  3. Any pictures on how far along the male was or females are?

  4. I really need to invest in a digital camera so I can share pics of my next grow. That would be awesome. I really enjoy looking at every1 Else's pictures.:cool:

    The male was just starting to show the little ball formations. The females were showing beautiful pistils. I went out again today and cannot believe how fast those beauties are starting to bud since I took that male out of there. I don't see any seed sacs yet, so far it all looks to be beautiful bud. Which makes me a very happy camper.
    I am up in the Northeast here, so I am glad to see them budding fast and on time, because if it were much longer, I don't know how much buddage I would have had before our first frost. (or how far along in the process it would have been) I also want to add, I expected a few males among my crop and was pleasantly surprised to have only come across one in the entire batch. Beginners luck

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