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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Di_uh_beetus, May 25, 2009.

  1. Is there any way to continuously yield off a single plant?
  2. You can reveg them after you flower and harvest them by leaving on some fan leaves and maybe cutting off some root mass.
  3. Can you pull the root system out of the soil without damaging it? thanx for the answer +rep
  4. I'm a noob at this, but from what I've seen you can gently slide the whole thing out of the pot as if you were going to transplant (roots and soil together), then cut off like 3/4 inch of soil/roots all the way around and then slide it back in and gently pour in some new soil around the edges.
  5. I KNOW HOW...

    Get pollen, Seed it up, Get the seeds at harvest. grow new plants.
  6. That still doesn't answer the question of whether or not you can yield continuously off one plant. Duckyx.
    I'm working with a limited amount of space and i need support two tokin college students consuming a minium of an Oz. a month. I have enough space for 3 1 gallon pots and about a foot in height, although I do intend to use lst on em'

  7. that's a tiny amount of space....not nearly enough to produce a mature should look into making a grow box....or cleaning out a closet and using the whole thing....i'd say the minimum amount of space needed for a decent harvest and potency is 3'x3'x3'......if you want to produce up to an ounce that is....and you definately wouldn't harvest enough out of a 1 gallon pot....3 gallon minimum....i'm in the same prediciment, i know how hard it is using such a small grow area....but it's necessary to utilize all of the available'll want a plant that's at least 12-24 inches tall in order to produce anything worth smoking....also make sure you have the right light and right amount of for veg red for bud.....cfl's are great for saving money....they aren't as powerful but the get a decent result for the price....if u need any help just pm me..
  8. Short answer is no.
    It will lose it's vigor as well as many other problems if you constantly flower and reveg the same plant.
    Revegging a plant is usually done only once and usually in an emergency effort to keep valuable genetics in the garden.

    You'll need to keep a donor plant and use cuttings to keep a constant flow and you aint settin up no perpetual grow in no college I can guarantee you that. LOL
  9. Dont worry about Ducky hes an asshole on everyones threads.
  10. Cannabis is an ANNUAL plant. Go figure.
  11. The only way it to reveg, and then you are placing great stress and more often than not the plant will produce male flowers which will become more frequent with each reveg cycle. the best thing if you want continuous harvest is to set up a cycle w/ clones and you can get yourself into a cycle after a few runs which you can harvest every 90-100 days depending on strain. I have known people who cycle to a point which gives them a small modest harvest every 45-60 days. Just takes time and patience.

  12. Nice.

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