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  1. I know there's no way to predict the exact amount of yields you can gain from a single plant, but can someone tell me, that has great experience growing, how much I can look forwards to yielding on two plants, 2ft high, using 2 450w LED (400 true watts). Thanks
  2. How large is your pot? Hydro or soil? Any pictures? How long did you veg?

    With purple leds I doubt itll be a gram per watt.

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  3. Pics. A description doesn't help. They could be two feet high and five feet wide, or two feet high and only 3 branches. My two plants are less than two feet high and I yield over a pound.
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  4. Sorry guys. I'm planting one in soil, in a 3 gallon pot and another one in a 5 gallon DWC hydroponic bucket. They're about 3 weeks in veg.

  5. You want a yield estimate on 2 plants that are only 3 weeks old? You're kidding - right?
  6. Yes, with your experience how much can you yield from 400w keeping the plants around 2ft tall? I know you can't give an exact amount, I was just wondering, if anyone that has a similar setup can share their experience. I wouldn't be waisting my time typing out this shit if I was kidding around.
  7. No need to get testy. Personally I probably could get maybe 10-12 ounces with those lights. If you want the most out of your plants and you want to keep them 2 ft. tall I would recommend a scrog. How much you actually yield will depend on whether you can keep the plants healthy. Good luck.
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  8. Thanks man
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