Yields. Fresh frozen vs dried buds.

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  1. I'm about to harvest soon and expect to have about 4 ounces of bud. Since I'm a dabber and not much of an herb smoker which would yield me the most product using an average hairstraightener?
    Herb press. Dry ice Kief press. Bubble hash press.
    Also, is it worth freezing fresh to press live? I hear that fresh herb that's frozen will sizzle.
    My strains are wifi 43 and private reserve.

    Thanks for any knowledge you're willing to share!

    - zack
  2. The yield with BHO cannot be beaten by any bubble hash or press method. I realize since you didn't bring that up that maybe you want a "cleaner" product. IMO BHO extraction has the best yield of any hash oil method possibly excluding co2 extraction which most people can't afford.
  3. Can't afford a closeloop system haha. And i am looking to get away from Butane if possible.
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