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  1. 10 feminized thc bomb (maybe switching to kush?) plants under one 1000w light, in 5 gallon pots vegged for 6 weeks

    what do you think the finished (dried) yield could be; 1/2 pound per plant?. will i need 10 gal buckets?
  2. How long is a piece of string?

    Can't give a definitive answer on yield, any answer you get will be a wild ass guess. It all depends on your growing skills and your particular grow specifics.

    After you harvest, feel free to tell us what your yield was. :)
  3. Best answer I have seen yet :)
  4. So MANY factors contribute to yield, any answer would be a total guess.
  5. You could very well get a half pound per plant, but you can't really say, like FenceWalker said, its like saying "how much does a red car cost?"
  6. wow, wow, wow, is the only thing that comes to mind when i look at all these redundant pointless answers. fucking wow

    COULD. COULD!!! if i manage to do a good job growing, what COULD my yield be. is it possible to get over 1g/1w dry with 10 females of a strain that should produce high yields. could i get a half pound per plant, which comes out to about 2g/1w. will plants, if vegged for six weeks, outgrow 5 gallon buckets and become rootbound?

    im not asking for the same stupid answer over and over. im asking if its possible and how far fetched it is.
  7. And all I can think is "wow", some folks just refuse to recognize reality...But ok...

    You COULD manage an eighth per plant...You COULD manage 3 pounds per plant...Or anything in between.

    Better? :cool:
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    There's too many variables within the grow to tell you. Did you stress them? Did you do extensive topping? Did you over/under nute? Was the pH optimum? Were there nute deficiencies? and many more I'm too lazy to type. Come back with almost finished crop pics and you might get a remotely close answer.
  9. Well, this is surprisingly relevenant. I have a THC at day day 52 of flowering, day 57 of 12/12, in a ten gallon pot, under a 1000W HPS. I'll snap you a picture of a cola for you. I think I'm going to get a bunch, this plant is about four and a half feet tall.... I'll quit rambling and go get a pic.
  10. Here ya go. I have big man-bear hands, sooo, each cola is about 9 inches long, plus lots of fat nugs a little lower. I topped her a few times, so I have 8 colas. This should give you at least visual, if not a weight.

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    I agree with the sentiment, but in a 5 gallon pot I don't see 3 lbs as the upper limit, perhaps 8-10 oz upper limit and 4-5 oz a more realistic upper limit.

    To the OP, even if you told us details about your grow then predicting would be impossible, but it's all the more impossible without details, such as:
    - What kind of soil?
    - What kind of ferts? Fed in what amounts on what schedule?
    - What other amendments or additives (molasses, myco, SuperThrive, etc)?
    - How long did you veg?
    - How close is the light?
    - What pH?
    - What temps?
    - What RH?
    - Any training or snipping (LST, topping, etc)?
    - What is your overall growing experience level?
    - Did you have any problems so far? What?
    - And that's not even a comprehensive list of questions...

    P.S. These questions are rhetorical so no need to answer them, please don't expect that by answering them I or anyone else will be able to answer your question any better.
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  12. well im glad someone else new what i was trying to get at. 4 to 5 ounces would seem to be a good grow per plant under a 1000w light, 8 o's seems pretty ridiculous but a few places say it.

    would vegging for 6 weeks in a 10 gallon bucket make a big difference in yield? would 1/2 pound per plant be a more reasonable and average harvest of a grower with some past experience with that set up?
  13. good growers will get .5 grams per watt, 1 gram a watt indoor is crazy talk, I use 4 lights and have grown many strains, all falling around .4 .5 a watt, now thats 1 plant under 1 1k light, that bud pictured is less than a quarter btw
  14. ps. "3 pounds" indoor your a fool
  15. You revived a three year old thread to say this?

  16. ya because I found this, that means other people do, I don't want people to read it and be miss informed just because its old doesn't mean its not relevant. The thread is old but still is open ended, I will not apologize:hello: for telling some of the few truths I have read on this whole forum.
  17. so, how much did you yield?

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