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  1. just wondering what sort of yield i will be expecting (roughly)

    i am growing 2 white widow plants under a 400 watt lamp

  2. It's always difficult to estimate but as long as you don't make any major screw ups (think of: interrupted dark period, too hot/too cold, over ferting, pH problems, etc.) and the plants have enough space to develop a healthy root system, you can expect about 9 to 12 ounce in dry bud maximum. (for 2 plants)
    If it's less, don't hold it against me!
  3. so you say about an average of 3.5-4 oz per plant? thats pretty daym good. i hope to attain someday. first try 2.5 off one plant, id say not bad. lets see what happens second round. i say about an oz on 3 of my plants and 2 off of the other one.
  4. The question is pointless unless you state how long you will veg for. Even then it is hard to estimate. Over 9 oz!! I think is a bit of a fish story or he did really well and that is his WET yield. Otherwise, he is talking about a very large plant. I think most people start flowering at about 12" and thus would expect a 2-3ft plant in the end, and about 0.75 to 1.5 oz DRY (or 2-6oz wet) under the grow conditions specified.
  5. 2-3 feet and a 1 to 1.5 oz yield? maybe under the wrong conditions. i had a 2 foot indica that produced 2.5 dry with a 400 watt hps vegd for 6 weeks flowered for 8. i think 6-9 dry is kinda high, but i can easily see 3, maybe 3.5 depending

  6. it really depends on the strain, u can trigger all plants at 12 inches, each under good light watts, and fert all the same.. still some strain produce more yeild then others...

    Ps.. woody know what he talking about aswell..latezzz..
  7. There is a 'theoretical' maximum possible of 1 gram per watt hps (=14.3 ounce for a 400 watter) under near perfect conditions, but I have only met a few ppl who (say they have) achieved this, hence my reply.
    It's obvious that to have this kind of harvest with only 2 plants, you'll need a very long vegging time and do a lot of pruning to make the plant bushy. If you don't prune, the plant will mostly develop vertical growth causing to much light loss for the lower branches which means a lesser yield.
  8. With all due respect.... many of these things are not obvious. That's why it is a beginner forum. Also, how many first time growers know anything about ferts, amount of light, let alone prunning or training? Most beginners have bag seed to start and no growing knowledge. You still think they could expect 9oz DRY? Sorry to be the sourpuss, but those expectations are a little too high. I'll bet that the vast majority of new growers, growing under the conditions stated above, will get about 1oz DRY on average from each plant.

  9. Excactly. That's why I mentioned the near perfect conditions, which includes also the knowledge and experience of the grower. The initial question was about feminised WW seeds, grown under 400 watt hps. A bagseed grow without proper equipment and knowledge? In that case you are lucky if you yield anything at all.
  10. Good points.

    Now I am curious.... Why is it that bagseed is considered inferior? If the seed is healthy and grows, why does it matter where it comes from?

  11. Not per definition, but like you said yourself, the seed has to be healthy and in case of bagseed it's more like a lottery what you get. Also, usually the ancestors of the bagseed are unknown so you're kinda left in the dark about what to expect and which grow technique would fit best. I mean a WW needs a different approach in growing as, let's say, Skunk#1. But I agree, it's possible to have a good bagseed grow. I just mentioned bagseed for example's sake.
  12. im pretty sure ive seen afew grows that got more than 1 gram per watt... i'll try and find it... but in a 2 x 3.5' space, i'd be going about 1 plant per sq. ft... so about 6 plants... easier to make the cabinet full of buds, and the less buds a plant is required to produce the bigger the buds will be, since each plant doesnt need to distribute its energy around as much, it can put more energy into makin huge colas... :D
  13. Well here is what I obtained with my "first" indoor grow of white widow.

    I started to flower my plants at about 15-18" tall. Four of them in a 3'x3 white closet.

    I have 225w of HPS and about 150w of grow tube floro's.

    (Clones)Off these four plants...wich were chucked full of seeds (I pollinated them with a tiny male for next springs seeds).

    Anyhow I ended up with about 2.5 ounces.

    (Clones)This time around ive got got my plants pruned even more but triggered flowering at a shorter time 12" this time. Im hoping with only 3 plants in flower to get .75 per plant at most. But shit, 2.5 ounces of ww can go a long way if you aren't a real everyday smoker. Or bring in $225/oz in my area.
  14. my last cropp was MAZAR , 11 plants in hydroponics using superbud and optimum flower feed under 2 new 600w bulbs and i achieved 24 oz at day 44 of cropping ( cos superbud brings the cropping forward slightly ) I still think i could have gone a nother 10 days but it was ready at xmas and worth a lot of green stuff ( not that green stuff..lol )

    Im just off 10 days flowering , vegging at the mo and i will leave these 11 plants , same conditions same feed go the full 56 days and see if i get a difference...thing is i added an extra light as well ( 600w ) after day 35 so i think that will make hell of a diff this time for an extra 12 days...anyhow well see...

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