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  1. So I'm growing using 2 450w LED lights and have a 4x4x8 tent. I'm aware that there a multiple variants that play into it but I'm wondering how many plants do you think I would have to grow at once to get a yield of at least 1lb. Would getting another light help as I've been thinking of getting a MARSHYDRO 300w just to add more light. I've only got one auto growing right now and plan on planting some photos in a few weeks once my auto has grown some so I can keep the same light schedule.

    Edit: My current LEDs are by VIPARSPECTRA if anyone has any experience with this brands quality. So far they seem to be doing good but this is also my first grow
  2. Lots of variables but maybe 7-8 you prob need the mars 600 tho

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  3. I would try doing 4 maybe 5 with some good lst. You should be able to pull a qp a plant with the right lighting and technique. But yea I would throw one more 450 or 600 for sure.
  4. I think only 4 plants will fit in a 4x4 anyways
  5. You can do it with any amount of plants but the less you have the longer the veg. I average a pound in a 4x2, just make sure to scrog it and fill up the entire room with an even canopy top. I'd do 4 maybe 5 plants in that size
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  6. I'm able to fit 5 5gallon pots in it with a dish under them and have room to stand comfortably. And I'm pretty sure I can train them to grow within the allotted space
  7. With my experience .5 gram per true watt is a fair average I get with my mars led lights. I have 2 1000 watt lights that each draw 390 each from the wall. I currently have 3 autos that just started. Amnesia, blackberry and auto purple. Depends on the strain the auto purple will get about 1 oz.. I have 2 regular haze xtreme that just hit week 5. I like these lights and aloft of people trash them but i use advanced nutrients half of recommended in happy frog soil. Depending on the strain is the big factor and plenty of light. I hope 2 get at least 6 oz. Out of these 2 plants alone. I topped and fimmed them. I have done so many experiments in my 20 years of growing and honestly nutrients are great if you have a deficiency but I've ran side by side bites and no nutes and had better results with no nutes and nutes. Each plant is different but to get a pound I would say 8 plants 3 foot tall you should walk away pretty close. Most my experience is outdoor im liking indoor also, I'm anxious to try the quantums, I trained the branches and just took the nets off to rotate.

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  8. I’d be interested to know how the grow with 2 viparspectra 450s worked for you in the 4x4 tent went for you
    I’m just starting a micro grow using one of these lights
  9. YOur lighting is going to be your limiting factor. Those viparspectras veg well with all the blue making you think you have a great light. Then flower Time comes and the lack of reds leads to disappointment. Those lights also only draw about 208 watts each. A 4x4 needs 800 true watts to flower with blurple LEDs. If you stay with blurples, get something red heavy totaling 400 watts. Or get two qb96elite v2 engines and an HLG 320H-54a driver and DIY a light like this. They have red and deep red diodes in them andnpush 350 watts of the high efficiency diodes. I get 100,000 lumens 10” from the light!!

  10. I’m doing a micro grow so my space is only 18x18 wide and 27 inches high so I think for my space this light should be enough
    I’m starting with 5 bag seeds hoping to end up with 2-3 females
    If I get a couple Os I’ll be pretty happy
  11. Lights measured at lumens/lux is the old school way and not necessarily accurate in terms of photosynthesis and production .par u/gol measurement is what determines a l.e.ds true light and spectrum density

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