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  1. Im gonna start my grow soon. What kinda yields can I assume with a 600 HPS. I know there are many factors determing this, but once I get dialed in and get my perpetual turning. Can I expect min of 2-3 ounces per plant if I do it right, minus Co2. Is 2 or more ounces asking too much? I see guys getting close to 2 ounces with LED's. Im gonna start with fox farms soil at first I think and maybe LST or scrog. Also was thinking of throwing some CFL's down low. Can I possibly get 3 or more ounces per plant if all the planets align for me?
  2. I don't see why that's not a possibility. Give it everything it needs. I wouldn't be supposed if you got more.
  3. If your running a 600 you can get a pound if your t
  4. Totally dialed in.
  5. i averaged 3.3 ounces me plast grow per plant with a 600w HPS.

    it all comes down to genetics, how its grown, and the right conditions
  6. I've seen people get around 20oz +/- a couple zips, but you can't expect that until you have a legit setup dialed in with top notch genetics and skills. Generally, you may find yourself yielding around 8oz when you start, and you can easily work up to a lb once you sort out any initial faults and have things dialed in.

  7. You didn't even say how large of a space you are lighting with that 600watts. Light intensity is important and the larger the area the less the intensity. There are so many more factors than what you are asking here. The CFL's might not even be necessary if your space is a good size.

    I am not really that good with physics and the nature of light traveling in waves, but if I remember right wouldn't the more intense light waves of the HPS push the less intense waves of light from the CFL far enough away that it would not actually add much to the grow? I could be dead wrong but I for some reason get that feeling when I think about it. I guess if they were close enough to the plants but then that may obstruct the HPS light somewhat and that would not be worth it.
  8. The variation missing in the formula is canopy.
    You'll only get the flower/bud-set you cultivate… so saying the number of plants is only a piece of the equation.

    You'll get between 2.5-3 square feet of optimum light from a 600 watt (assuming you have a decent hood).
    Remembering to keep the lamp as close as possible without harming the plant.

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