Yield. What's up with that?

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  1. Hello people. Everyone asks about yield, including me. I am starting this thread to get examples of yield. It seems to me that it's pretty much impossible to calculate yield so let get some sample yield data.

    Please include type, veg time, flowering time, wattage, co2, type of growing (topping, lst, etc), ph levels, ppm, or whatever you think is relevant to yield.

    Let's see some samples.

    I will let you know mine when it's all dried and weighed.

    Later fellow marijuana farmers. :)
  2. Without going totally into the stats, I've found the major difference is the strain. I grow at least 5 strains at a time. They are planted the same day, in the same soil, with identical conditions. I have one particular strain that consistantly produces about 5 oz's on a single plant, it gets huge and bushy and has thick tops all over it (I top them all), but a foot away another strain may only produce 2 oz's. I call the larger producer my commercial strain, and I usually grow 3-4 per grow, which is the one I smoke when friends come over or what have you. The smaller producing strains are usually more specialized strains, like white widow or strawberry cough. Although you don't get those giant yeilds, the final product is above reproach, that's the one I save for myself:)

    However, due to the recent explosion in seed prices (and my general obssession with growing), I've started becoming more interested in creating my own genetics. Hopefully it's just a matter of time that I breed a plant that not only has the awesome genetics of Strawberry cough or Maui Wowie, but the yeild of a commercial type plant.

    Right now I have one Pineapple express seedling from G13, and one strain from Vietnam that supposedly has been grown for 27 generations (which was amazing smoke btw). So I'm really really excited to see how they turn out, and if one is a male (or both) what the combination of it and my commercial plant create.
  3. id say take the males and flower out some clones that you take for seed production in another grow cab. Just put the males in there and then place the clones in once they have rooted. This is by far the easiest way to do it without cross contaminating your moher.
  4. i have had 500g to six hundred in hydro but i tend to grow in soil wid worm and bat shit wid advanced nuts and get bout 14oz a lite that does me nice lazy grow wid results:hello:
  5. Definitely! I'll clone the hell out of both of them if they are girls. Just because the PE seed is feminized, I don't bank on anything until I see it with my own eyes. Also, hopefully the clones take, you never know. I've had some plants that cloned really easily, and a few that, no matter what I did, just wouldn't pull through. If they are male, I'll just move them, bag them, and pollinate the ones I want, without contaminating everything.
  6. Perfect example of this, Cloned 3 strains last week from similar sized mothers. 20 diesel,10 lemon skunk, 20 Pure Gold. All pure gold lived, half the diesel lived, and almost none of the lemon skunk survived. Lemon skunk also didnt handle nutes very well.

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