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Yield weight

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by antoniotorrescali, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. The difference is the brand. The second light (60$) is actual shit, it is like 100w from the wall, that meizhi is 6 times more powerful. I personally bought my light from amazon. Meizhi has the highest watt from wall for the price and they are very solid lights. Otherwise, if you have a lot of budget, i would rather go with HPS lights, they are less pricy in the short term, but they cost more money for electricity and they cause a lot of heat, but if you can dispose of the heat, that aint a problem. HPS lights are the best when talking about bud production, led's are strong for veg and no so much for buds, but they do the job quite well! (WAY more than clfs). And autoflower arent a bad investment, people, like me, use autoflowers because they grow pretty damn fast (thats why their yields are low), i like to try multiple strains... The thing about feminized seeds is that you can grow them as much as you want, as long you have space and time for it, thats why they can yield up to 2 pounds each.

    Never buy lights when you dont know their wattage from the wall. For HPS lights , compare iPower and Vivosun
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  2. Personally if yeild is what your after auto are trash unless your trying to sog with alot of light coverage. When i say alot of light cfls arent in that category. Get a 600w mh hps and veg n flower a photoperiod plant along with training and that 1 oz number will be a joke.
  3. I pulled 2 ounces off of an auto this year. It started outside, but due to a lousy summer of sun I needed to finish it inside under 1000 real watts of LED. I would have pulled more if I kept it under the LEDs for its entire life. How big is the container you're growing in? What soil, nutes etc are you using?
  4. Thanks guys I think I'll buy hps and work on that heat, Hamjack soil promix

  5. How many hps light I need for a 10 by 10 space full of plants I use 3 gallons pots

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  6. 10x10=100sq/ft.

    Aim for 40-50 watts per sq/ft.

    4000-5000 watts.

    So 4-5 of either of those would suffice.


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  7. Can I just buy the hps light bulb and put it in a regular bulb socket or I need the kit?

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  8. For a 10x10 4k watts with xl hoods to get a 5x5 footprint per light
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  9. Oh you need the kit, you need a 600w ballast if you intend in using a 600w HPS/MH. Otherwise you will end up : putting you house on fire/the light might explode in your face/ it maybe just wont work. In a kit you receive an MH bulb and an HPS bulb. MH is strongly recommended for Vegging and HPS for flowers, my MH light broke down fast but i bought a cheap one, i grew a plant with HPS only, it did good, but it wasnt to its full potential
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  10. I wonder like how much is that 4k wafts on electricity cost compared to led?

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  11. Based on my 2k watts id say somewhere between 120$ a month and 250 based on power cost variables by location maybe more
  12. Led equivelency is saying for half the wattage it will produce the same as a full wattage hid. But most leds wont even come close to their hid equivilent as far as yeild goes. And the ones that do get close cost 3-5x more than hid. If you look at lumens in desired spectrum youll see the difference easy. Then we can talk about par at distance and the laws that dictate how light diminishes over x amount of ft. Bang for the buck hid lighting is fool proof and if the bulb burns out you screw another one in... Led panel goes out better hope you have a store to replace it that day.. For 4k watts of hid get rdy to run dedicated breakers cause if not your gonna burn your house down attempting to keep em on without tripping a breaker instantly.

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