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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by dartanianlives, May 19, 2006.

  1. Alright ...

    I am seeking an experienced outdoor grower who could rough estimate possible yield amounts. Hypothetically speaking, how much bud could you get from 30 plants grown outdoors (75% Sativa / 25% Indica)? Also, from that same crop, how much hash would you expect to make with all of the left overs (leaves, skuff, etc)?


  2. Too many variables. But lets just say You could get nearly 1 lb(14-16oz) per female cured on average with ease in the tennessee valley region. Thats on a 9' christmas tree. Things would be different growing the stuff if it was legal and you could grow in optimum conditions like you would tomatoe plants. Now in optimum condition , in which i have never done, i could see 13-18' plants that would have a tighter node growth that could yeild much more. The prolem as i said I have no experience with optimum conditions.

    Wait, I was think 70% indica. 70% Sativa is too much for me. The Sativa rerquires a more tropical lifestyle. In my location the buds are much too thin and never finish.
  3. depends on when you start growing. If you start now expect a good 4-5 ounces per plant, give or take a few ounces depending on location and how good your skills are ;)
    lets say your skills arent that good and you just get 2 ounces per plant, which is still a good yield but you had hoped for more, you will end up with about 60 ounces which is a lot of weed period. after that you trim the buds, you make some hash oil out of the leaves instead of plain hash (it sells for a lot more because of the refinement and chemical processes involved, it gets you real high but ive never tried dry hash before) you will get about 3 grams of hash oil per plant, if your lucky. I wouldnt sell it for less than 45 bucks a gram though. So 60 ounces is your goal (you have to kill 1/2 the plants because they are male) and maybe 20 grams of hash oil.
  4. Depends where you are, as has been said. Last year I got 50 ounces of dried bud from 4 ladies, growing in buckets on my terrace.
  5. what size buckets were u using? did u do anything else to increase yeild, or just let them go. I think u said u did lst, i guess it worked. thats like 12.5 ounces a plant, pretty cool
  6. That was in 7.5 UKgallon buckets. USgallons are smaller.
    I routinely tie down, that helps increase yield, makes every branch act like a main cola.
    I use my own comfrey-based organic fert, see my thread on that in GOG.
    The best of the four ladies gave me 16.3 ounces.
  7. was if im growing in us 5 gallons, thats alot smaller than ur uk 7.5 right?

  8. Yes, I think mine worked out to 9 USgallons.

    But this year I am going to 11 UKgallons. Spanish builders carry concrete and plaster in these 50 litre rubber containers - 11 UKgallons. Just need to drill drainage holes.

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