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  1. my closet is about 3.5 x 4 ft, under a 150w hps, how many plants would i need to get 2 lbs dry after harvest in an organic SOG grow? rough estimate if anyone could
  2. It's not gonna happen with only 150w hps
  3. Not trying to cut on you. But you need a lot more details. First off your grow area requires 3 dimensions. Length, width, and height. Soil, vents, nutrients, strain, etc are all factors as well. I also remember reading (not sure if true or not)...but depending on your factors you should yield anywhere around .5 to 1g per light watt. So if you are only using 150w you might get between 75 and 150g.
  4. not sure if youre trolling or actually believe thats possible
  5. Dont expect to get .5 to 1g per watt either. Thats if your vegging for a few months, have a 600 watt HPS, never under or over fertilizer or water, and have good genetics and enough pot size. Unless he is talking about wet weight of course.

    Prove me wrong!
  6. well lets say i got 15-20 plants....what could i expect? i dunno the height of my closet its a typical linnen closet and its well ventilated. the temp in there stays between 85-75. dunno the strain, just some bag seed, using advanced nutrients 2 part sensigrow and sensi bloom. i guess my real question is whats the best way to maximize my yield given the space and lighting that i do have and what could i expect...im already pretty sure im gunna have to go SOG....
  7. Not to tread on you, or anything, but there is simply no way I can see you getting that yield under those conditions in one grow. The best thing to maximize your yield is to have a stronger light and add CO2. Also, since you're using bag seed, we cant tell you a good range since even we don't know the strain. More plants don't always mean more yield my friend. Under best conditions I see you getting anywhere from 50-125 grams.
  8. 150w light could never successfully grow 15-20 plants....maybe 3 small ones at most.

    edit: btw man, dont get a 150w light....i made that mistake when i first began, you can see it in my first grow....it wont take long for you to realize its not enough wattage for your grow and you will just end up upgrading to something larger. IMO, dont buy anything below a 250w light....maybe get a 250w and supplement the surround areas with a few CFLs....or just man up and buy a 400w off amazon for $140

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