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  1. High there blades! I have a question about yield potential. I plan to order the items listed below, along with a soil/perlite mix, big grow and big bloom nutes, and some feminized bubba kush seeds. My question is, working in a 2'x2'x5' grow space with the lights/nutrients listed, topping often enough to fill out my space optimally, and adding some lst in the mix just to maximize bud sites, how much (in a ball park range) would I be able to yield? I know it's impossible to pin down an exact dry gram number, especially based on techniques used, my climate, and my screw ups/mistakes that could be made, but I want to make it viable to harvest and smoke until the next harvest. I fully realize that I can't be 100% guaranteed any specific amount, but I'm want to see if it's even possible to harvest 5-6 ounces dry from my space and materials. I know there are a lot of people here who have been growing for a long time and would know better than I, since I've only grown twice before. I appreciate any comments/ advice. Have a wonderful, Stoney day! [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Too many variables to hazard a guess..strain, # of plants, medium etc

    You will need other items like a timer, light ratchets, better exhaust fan..not a booster, ducting, etc etc..
    I like 1-2 topping sessions per plant, LST continuously, suppercropping and pinching..etc..I don't like topping as much these days..slows the plant growth too much JMHO and WELCOME TO THE CITY!!

    growweedeasy.com is the site to learn from..;)
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  3. To answer a few of those variables, i plan to use some feminized bubba kush seeds, I want to grow a single plant, and use a regular organic soil+perlite for a medium. I plan to use my phone as my primary timer, because I'll be running my lights at night and there's always someone home, so I can shoot a text and make sure they're on/off on schedule. TBH, I chose the boosters because they were cheap, I'm definitely open to suggestions for better fans. I wanted to just rig my lights up with some paracord or something, and anchor them with weights, because I'm running on a 475$ budget as of now, so I'm trying to cut corners where I can lol. I already have some activated carbon so I can make carbon filters for my fans when I have them, and I also have some ducting for the fans. I also plan to check out that website, I know I have a lot to learn and I'm glad I have such a wonderful community of people to learn from.

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  4. Hi.

    I have grown a single plant in a 2x2x5 many times. You will be topping out at about 4oz. There just isnt the space to ger much more than that. If you are look for 6-7 oz i would suggest a 3x3 tent.

    Honestly tho with your choice of light 4oz is probably not likely either. Not impossible but not likely.

    I would suggest upping the light wattage
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  5. Also i paid 50 quid for my 2x2 tent. Dont pay 260 dollars thats a joke
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  6. Here is a bigger tent. A 2x2 is small imo. You could buy this, Get an additional light, a timer, and a carbon filter kit with fan. And still be under budget.

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  7. There are also many other tent options too. But i think our would be happier with bigger than a 2x2.
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  8. I wouldn't try to do the timer on your own it's more hassle than it's worth. You'll have to get those alerts everyday twice a day opposed to never thinking about it with a timer. And if all goes well I think you could easily pull 4 oz maybe 5. I used that light my first grow and got 3 easily from that space ( and now I get 4 minimum) and I did no defoliation, lolipopping, or monster cropping just topping. If you lollipop and defoliate so there are more bud spots you'll do well. But I reiterate everything must go well. If you get nute burn, have heat stress, or anything else like that it will hurt your yield. The amount you could lose from problems is proportional to how bad it is. To really push yields up I think it's important to train the plant so you get as many bud sites in the lights optimal lighting range as physically possible. That means even canopy, fitting the space of the tent, the correct distance from the light, and no lower light deprived buds whatsoever. Alright that's all I got

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  9. Honestly the only reason I chose 2x2x5 is because that's the dimensions of one side of my closet, so I'm kinda stuck on that front. Maybe if I upped the wattage, and let it veg and flower for a longer period of time I could meet a 5 oz goal? Idk what I could do for better lighting, again I'm open to suggestions from the community on my set up, as I haven't purchased anything yet. I've contemplated putting a lock on the room im going to grow in, and just get a larger tent to put in the room instead of the closet. Stealth is unfortunately a factor, because I know that my property manager likes to stop by every couple months, but they give me 24 hour notice. The room I have for growing is also for storage, so I could possibly hide the tent behind some boxes/box springs I have in there, and just make it look like a bunch of shit in the corner of the room. If I go with 3x3x5 tent, and stash it in the room somewhere, what lights would you guys recommend?

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    I personally think you could hit 5oz in a 2x2 with the right strain after some trail and error... some plants make extremely fat buds though the better genetics may cost more the larger denser buds could help you yield more in the space imo

    Keep in mind that whatever you choose is going to require an exhaust system that will be noticeable from outside of the door unless you 1. Buy a quiet inline fan which can be pricey or 2. Buy an inline fan with a speed controller run it on low and build an insulated box around it or you could use a bucket there a plenty of things online about making a housing that keeps inline fans quieter as well as insulated ducting.. I'd say that'd be cheaper than going with a quiet inline fan... also keep in mind you'll really be needing ducting to come out of this tent to vent the exhaust.. so think ahead about inspections and visits or whatever you have to worry about. If you can cram a 2x2 in a closet go for it but if you can make a 3x3 work and still be stealth then go for it. As for the lighting and the goals you want I'd recommend two mars hydro 300's 65$ each 135W each... In a 3x3 with two of those lights I'd say you could get between 3-8 ounces depending on growing experience and environment and a million other things but a good grower can expect around a gram a watt so a bit more than 8 ounces from two lights. And that would completely fill out the tent... keep in mind though hiding a 3x3 full of bud with an exhaust system behind some boxes is a hell of a lot easier than it sounds.
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  11. I'm on the forum mobile app, and I unfortunately can't see the pictures you've uploaded. After weighing the risk/reward I think I want to go with a 3x3x5 rent and just move it out of the closet. My only issue is appropriate lighting, I've never used lights to grow, I usually used a skylight in my old house, along with the two windows there to get consistent light, and just let nature do its thing over the course of the season. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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  12. If its not your house an u have regular visits i reccomend to not grow at all. I know its not what you want to hear but your never gonna hide a grow in plain sight. Sorry.

    If you insist tho go for the 2x2 and led for stealth but dont expect massive yields

    Plants need the following to yield big.

    Root space
    Lots of light
    Lots of space not cramped
    Good aiflow

    On a stealth grow you have to compromise on a fair few factors which will decrease yield.

    Good luck
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  13. Here is a thought tho.

    Get some dutch passion "think different" autos

    They yield stupid amounts of bud
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  14. Definitely agree if he can make due with fitting a 2x2 in a closet compared to a 3x3 in a room I'd say go for the 2x2 in the closet... even with the 2x2 I think with the right strain (strains known for large dense buds the size of arms) and lights he could hit the 5 ounces after a few grows getting the trail and error down and out of the way..

    Either way OP I'd recommend 5-7 gallon fabric pots and 2 lights instead of one. This plant im flowering now got the second mars hydro halfway through bloom and it really made a difference imo.. made them a bit fatter and more dense hoping for a good yield.
  15. It's not so much that I have regular visits, as it is that they just inspect fire alarms, I'm honestly not worried about it because my land lord is a cool lady and they're not the types to invade your privacy or even go into a room without your express consent. I honestly wouldn't grow, but I don't have any kind of supply here, and my wife and I smoke for medical reasons. She has stress induced seizures, and I have an anxiety disorder that gets out of control if I can't manage it. Thc had always been the medicine that helps us both, and we just moved so the stash we brought with us is running low. I definitely understand where your coming from, but I don't really have an option because of these draconian laws. But if it's any consolation I'm moving to a rec state in about a year or so lol.

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  16. TBH I don't know the difference between auto flowers and regular photo period plants, care to educate me? If they will have a high yield and fit into a 2x2x5 set up without too much trouble, given I train it properly and defoliate As needed, that would be amazing. I know strain is a huge factor here, and I have no clue what would be best. I know that an indica is what we both prefer so I'm leaning towards that but I'm not too experienced. I've grown twice and both were random bag seeds.

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  17. An Indica dominant hybrid is what you want anyway they give you those nice dense buds you'll need to max yield.

    I know people use these banks pretty often.
    The vault
    Seed supreme

    Worth looking up high yielding strains on google and seeing if any of those seed banks carry them. Or the strain the other poster recommended.
  18. Any recommendations for lights, strains, and nutrients that could achieve that? I would much prefer to grow In the closet with a tent and leds, and I have a pretty good grip on maintaining and training a plant, so I'm confident given the right materials and such I could meet my yield goal.

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  19. Two mars hydro 300's would suffice for what you want and that keeps lighting pretty budget friendly... if you are on a budget for nutes and don't mind using synthetic I personally use dyna gro... you can email them and request the "solutions preview pack" for 29$ and it comes with all the nutes you need for a lot of plants...
    1 32oz foliage pro
    1 32oz protekt
    1 32oz magpro
    1 32oz bloom
    1 8oz k-l-n

    Gets the job done for me just fine and it was the cheapest I could find that many nutrients... as for soil I recommend fox farms happy frog or fox farms ocean forest if they don't have happy frog... easiest way to get it is to google fox farms store locator and use the locator on their site to see what nurseries close to you carry their products. They are very common in the states and easy to come across imo. Then also get you either 5 or 7 gallon fabric pots for your final transplants. You'll also want a small inline fan and carbon filter... you can get a cheaper 4" inline fan with a speed controller for around 30 bucks on eBay and you could get a 4" ipower carbon filter on eBay for around 40$ which is what I use and works just fine for me can't smell a thing outside of the tent.

    The brands I recommend are just my opinions and everyone will probably recommend something different lol.
  20. Sorry, didn't see this reply when I typed the one a moment ago I'm definitely gonna look into those lights, and I'll post some pictures of the closet/ room when I get home. I definitely think a 3x3x5 is possible in the room given the amount of clutter, and how much I could move it around. When someone comes to inspect, I'll just cut off my fans. The lights will most likely run at night. I'll also look into the fan housing, and ducting would also be a difficultly, but it is what it is. Thank you so much for the advice, that gives me a lot to work with. Any recommendations on strain? I don't mind paying 100$ for 10 seeds with solid genetics.

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