Yield Question... Estimates?

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  1. Set-up (to a tee):

    • 1x oscillating fan

    • 1x inline fan

    • SOIL: 60/30/10 Miracle-Gro All-Purpose Soil / Coco Coir / Perlite

    • Nutrients: Fox Farm Nutrients: GROW BIG, TIGER BLOOM, BIG BLOOM - HEAVY FEEDING

    • 5x4x4 Mylar Grow Tent

    • Temp: 75 - 85 degrees fahrenheit

    • Humidity: 65% during flowering

      I am growing 1 lemon ice strain and 1 big bud strain, both from AMS.
      How many OZ should I expect them to yield?
      I originally had 2 and 2 but 2 plants turned out to be males. And I was hoping to yield 2oz/per plant...

      Also - If i take a clone off of one of these plants next week (third week flowering) and put the clone straight into 12/12 with the other two plants, how much do you think I could yield? Would it be of any decent quality?

      Any advice is greatly appreciated as I am a novice grower.

  2. Impossible to guess

    Ditch that MG soil though
  3. 2 is a realistic goal; 12/12 on a clone is a waste of the effort.
  4. Is your tent really 4x4 and only 5' tall? I've never seen that. 5' tall grow tents make growing decent size plants very difficult. You only get about 18" to play with for plant height.

    You didn't mention what light you plan on using. That is probably the #1 part of the info we need to tell you possible yield. Close to 2 pounds is possible in a 4x4 area but that's about the max amount of plant material you can fit in there unless you have some special strain and it's probably going to take a special strain, a special light, and an experienced grower to get there.

    I think 1 pound out of a 4x4 is very possible if you keep the plants healthy, the temps good, and use about 550-1000 watts depending on the type of lighting.

    Give up on the idea of "Heavy Feeding". Keep the plants healthy and they will produce. It's not like a turbo charger that you can turn the psi up on. You have to nurse a plant and get it to a point of heavy feeding by keeping it thriving and happy. By heavy feeding I mean by how much water/nutrient it consumes not how strong the nutrient solution is. I've had plants that eat over a gallon a day but I never feed more then 75% recommended strength at most and more like 50% most times.

    Get a ph test kit and some ph down. You'll want to know what ph tap water you're working with and how much ph down it takes to drop a gallon or whatever size your watering container is (1/2 gallon is most common) to 6.2ph.

    I like General Hydroponics floranova bloom for an easy starter nutrient. It's the only bottle you need, nothing else. 4-8-7. It can veg and bloom. 2-4ml/gallon for veg plants depending on size and 4-6ml's a gallon for blooming large plants.
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  5. Drop the humidity down between 40 and 50%

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