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  1. This is my first grow, thanks to some advice I've picked up from this board they some of my experienced grower friends were amazed at their quality. I started out with 2 but the other turned out to be male, so all my hope rides with this girl.

    She's been flowering for 2wks now, since I've never grown before I dont know how much I should expect to get from her, I plan on harvesting a little early for that energetic high.

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  3. Are those fluoros you're using? If so, I'd think you'll end up with less than an ounce.
  4. Yea their 2x 40watt tubes, I just added another set of 2x 40 yesterday though so its totalling 4x 40watt flouros, does that help?

    And on a sidenote, how much electricity are the flouros consuming? Would the electric company notice?
  5. You're only using 160Ws. That's basicly the same as leaving a couple lamps on all day.

    The following is from an article in High Times about electricity (Nov 2000)...

    Here's the formula to figure out the cost of any electrical appliance: Multiply the number of watts the appliance draws by the number of hours it will be on each day. That number divided by 1000 tells you how many kilowatt-hours that appliance will use in 24 hrs.

    I know that there are lots of different reasons that come into play when deciding on your lighting schedule. But one factor is that electricity is often much cheaper at night. I just checked my bill and they charge 14 cents per kilowatt-hour during the day, but only 5 cents/kWh at night. That means a 1,000-watt light burning 12 hours during flowering can cost either $1.68 a day in the daytime, or only $.60 a day at night.
  6. Your not going to yield much.. def less than an O. First off, your using the wrong lights for 12/12, I don't know how long u have been flowering, but I would get them under an HPS as soon as possible. You can go to ebay and pick up a cheap one for 50-90$. Second, what is your girl growing in? From the picture, it looks like a small box, which means your probably really really rootbound, which will hurt yield. What strain is it?

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