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  1. hello everyone just taking a survey of what goals does everyone strive for on average as in dry weight per plant? 4 ounces is my goal!
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  2. I don't care about how much per plant, I care how much per watt.
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  3. is 1 per a good benchmark?
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  4. Not with the lighting these days, but for a new grower 1 per is fine!
  5. not happy? just grow more, then one day you realize you got way too much,

    ...then and only then you realize ..

    you made it,

    then start to cut back ...lol

    good luck
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  6. Because I pack so many genetics in to the space, I go by ounces/square foot. 2 ounces/square foot works out to about 3 pounds a light, so thats pretty much the minimum, 'you must be this tall to ride the flower room'. Have a strain (Purple Sunrise aka Space Case Stephanie) that does 4 and most of the Lemon MacMelons are doing 3+ ounces/ft.
    Just bucked over 6 ounces yesterday from a plant that was about 1.5x1.5 feet or a little smaller. That is what I look for!
    Having said that, there are some low yield head stash strains that I grow on occasion, but most of it has to hit 3 pounds/light or it doesn't make the cut.
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  7. [​IMG]

    The Cannabis gods smiled and blessed me this year with a great harvest.
    Some of it.

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  8. for a small indoor hobby grow - I think 4-5oz is a fair representation of a successful grow....genetics aside of course.
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    4 oz is more like a autoflower if im spending the extra time for a photo, generally want 6-9oz. Indoors

    Personally expect the same yield from space used give or take. More plants less yield per plant I'm cool with 6 fewer plants more yield I'd want the higher end yield per plant. But expect the same quantity from space used regardless of plant count.
  10. genetics play a huge part IMO this is same lights same soil same everything the big ones were rainmaker the others are my current grow of cherry pie and there is no comparison i think the rainmaker yielded 1400 grams with 2 plants and these cherry pie i will be lucky to see a pound between the 2 same training nutes etc. 14.jpg a5.jpg a8.jpg a9.jpg a11.jpg
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  11. rainmakers last december
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  12. 1400 from two plants? Did you mean to say 140?

    :cautious: :confusedalt::mellow::eek2:
  13. That's what a little over 3lbs off 2 plants. Good yielders. Almost unbelievable lol
  14. i got my math wrong the rainmakers previously was 1400 i had 3 plants in there that one was 950 for 2 i decided 3 plants were just to much hassle
  15. My goal is for each plant to be over a pound. I've been hitting that with 4 plants per grow for a few years now. Most recent was 78 oz at 60% RH. It was a personal best. Pretty much every grow, no matter what the last grow yielded, I still take it as a challenge and I always attempt to do better on the next one.
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  16. may i ask what strain and genetics?
  17. Every strain I've grown has been over a pound since changing to my current lights 2 years ago. I bought Aussie Highlights 420 a few years back. They push 470 watts each unit.

    I always grow 4 different strains every grow, one grow per year, to get a nice array of flavors/terps and mixes of Sativa and Indica. My 2022 grow was harvested in November. The strains below are what I had in there.

    Mount Hood Magic from Five Zero Trees - 19 oz
    Kernel's PuTang from Mass Medical - 21 oz
    Black Cherry Punch from Seedsman - 19 oz
    Sunset Sherbet from Seedsman - 19 oz

    Starting in January 2018, I began this journey with Viparspectra PAR 450 lights, producing around 6 to 8 oz per plant at 210 actual watts. In year 2, I went to HLG QB132 v2 Quantum boards producing around 10 to 12 oz per plant at 300 actual watts. At the start of year 3, I moved up to these Aussie lights at 470 actual watts. It appears the Aussie lights average about 19 oz with the training techniques I use; mainline, LST, scrog, and next grow I'll also be lollipopping to attempt to increase yield again and get rid of larfy bullshit.

    The intensity and spectrum of light is the most important change to make for maximizing yields and producing very dense buds. After that, the training is how to really make the plants huge and maximize their yield.
  18. For my 2x4 area I get 4oz per plant. 2 plants.

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