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  1. Sorry for posting a lot lately been looking at my tent and setup and trying to think of how I could maximize yields and quality within my grow. Simply put my question is how much could one plant yield with say bare minimum care(as in they water the plant when needed and give it nutes with a semi decent light veg for a short time). I'm aware there are lots of variants but I want an estimate as what my example could yield with a plant that is know to grow an average amount of bud.

    Right now I've got 2 450w(200w true) VIPARSPECTRA LEDs that are about 14" from top of my plant and I am going to buy another LED in the future I'm debating on another 450w a 600w or 900w(these aren't true wattage) as I want large yields up to a lb or more as I get better at growing. I have 6'fan and carbon filter that exhaust air into the room my tent is in(my tent hasn't gotten hot yet dirt temp is about 70F and reaches about 86 once I'm almost touching the lights) and a passive intake that is very slightly open for fresh air. I don't have a small fan for breeze but am looking to get a small desk fan soon and I haven't monitored humidity either. I grow in soil(fox farms ocean forest)and would like to grow hydro in the future and I'm going to be training plants I have miracle grow nutes for veg and for bloom. My current auto will only receive some lst and my photos when planted will get lst and topped once or twice maybe more if understand what I'm doing. I'm looking at SCRoG but I'm not sure if I have the space for it. My tent is 4x4x6 and I believe I can fit at least 5 plants(I currently have 5 5gallon pots with a dish under them and there is still room for me to get in the tent and stand comfortably I can maybe fit one more and still have a good amount of room.

    Any tips to improve my grow room or techniques are much appreciated
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  2. I put 8 15gal in a 4x8...so 4 in 4x4...fits fine. If you're running all same strain it just fills in faster. Different strains gets a lil more complicated.

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  3. So I just learned what perpetual harvest is and my reason for wanting a large is yield is so I don't run out of bud. I smoke practically a quarter oz a day. So would it be better to do a perpetual harvest? Would a 3x3 tent with a single 450w led be able to have at least 4 veging?
  4. Defo
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  5. I scrog two plants in a 4x4 tent and I yield a pound.
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  6. Can I ask how you have your set up? Kind of lights soil or hydro? Veg length?
  7. I grow in coco. I use a 650w led. I veg for 5 weeks and yield 8oz. per plant.
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  8. Here's my setup currently. I've been thinking about getting a screen that would cover the whole tent and using using zip ties to secure the screen to the frame of the tent or I saw online saw prefabricated scrog kits that are 4x4. Any tips? You said 2 plants should fit, do you think I could fit 3 in here if I space them enough(one far back right another middle left and one more front right) or would that be too much?

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  9. Any training other than SCRoG(i.e. topping, supercropping)?
  10. I made my scrog net out of pvc and mason line from home depot. I grow only 2 plants because that's all I can smoke in a year, but you can grow 3 plants - my net is not filled with 2 plants and only a 5 week veg.
    This is how I attach the net.

    Doing a scrog involves topping and lst. Google LBH's Famous Scrog Tutorial - I follow it to the letter with great success.
  11. The three most important factors in how much a plant yields:

    Veg time: You need to veg it a good 6+ weeks. I've been vegging my whole bud cycle for a while. It's usually about 11 weeks. The longer you veg a plant the more you will harvest providing you can fit the thing in your tent. One of the big things I've learned is how large of a plant I can actually manage in my space in flower. I spent a while budding plants that were too small because I was paranoid they would magically overgrow my flower side while in bud. I heard all the stories, "Your plants will triple in size in flower." Not quite. I've found that growing with led, in flower my plants may get 50% taller. That's about it. They don't double in height. They double in mass or triple in mass but not in height. What you want for the most yield is to almost run out of headroom in your tent. If you're too comfortable in there then you didn't veg long enough.

    Shape the plant to the grow space (AKA training): It really doesn't matter which training method you use, just get good at the one you like. I don't think most people realize that a scrog is essentially low stress training with a grid of strings instead of strings tied to pots. The point of any training method is to create an even canopy of just the right amount of tops that are all in the perfect distance to the light with just the right amount of light penetration. One thing that indoor lights will never have over the sun is penetration. Outside your lower buds get the same light intensity as your upper buds providing they aren't shaded. Indoors this is not the case. The lights have a hot zone that grows well that is only about 12-18" deep at the most. Anything below that turns out crappy. You want a perfectly shaped even canopy that is about 12-18" deep with a top in every spot that is under the light footprint. All growth below the 18" thick canopy remove. It will rob production from the tops and never turn out all that well if you leave it. I've spent my time worrying way too much about training and spending all kinds of time tying off branches, ect. Now I've settled into an easy mode training that is a mix of supercropping and low stress bending of branches with the occasional topping. I can make a fairly even bush out of plant with very little effort doing this. I got no strings to hold me down.... hehe.

    Light power. You simply need at least 30-50 watts per square foot for higher end led and 50-70 watts per square for HPS to make good buds. If you skimp on light power your plant will skimp on bud output.

    There are many other factors to a successful harvest but make sure you take care of those three items or you have no hope.

    As far as how much is possible a plant, you can easily with some experience and the right equipment grow over a pound a plant with something vegged about 10 weeks. I've had plants approaching a pound the last two crops.
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  12. 2 plants 4×4 tent
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  13. I've done 6,4 and 2 in my 4x4. I like vegging about 8-10 weeks and doing two.
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  14. I'll check that out, how close is your screen to the base of the plant?
  15. I just read the page and I follow everything up until the second topping as I'm not sure what new growth he's talking about. Im sure I'll get when I get to that point in my plants life. But after doing the topping and 4way last do I just let the plant veg until it reaches the screen the work it around the screen as it didn't really say
  16. Wait tell your plant reaches the screen then tuck and weave once it's all filled up and no gaps lollipop it and initiate flowering
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  17. Depending on genetics, I fit 8 plants in my 4x4, although I could problem only fit 3 or 4 with the purple narco I'm growing, it's almost 6 feet tall and only 59 days old

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