yield per m/2 ???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Gr33n_Cr0nIc, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. ive been wondering what they mean 750-850g per m/2. i understood it as if you have one plant with a footprint of a m/2, you should "supposedly" yield that much. im asking that because i have a plants outside and indoor that are about 5ft wide and 6ft tall. so my question is since the plants footprints are over a m/2 and under optimum conditions, should they come close to that?

  2. sure.. hope you got big lights.. that 6ft tall, 5 foot wide.. might be a handfull indoors to grow.

    and lol 850 a SqMeter.. did you buy those seeds from BC? are you supposed the have a 50 % THC content too ?
  3. Yeah bro.. you can't really trust the hype when it comes to output... they list those yields with like pristine optimimum conditions, temp, c02, no setbacks whatsoever, everything... However, an advanced grower that really knows what theyre doing with selective pruning, LST, topping etc thats really maximizing their budsites and resources into sinsemilla pure production theres no reason you couldnt achieve that yield. But its not like you can just toss a seed in a pot and reasonably take care of it let it grow and expect that much.. Just do your best and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Besides, if you don't harvest and cure your ladies right you could end up with a whole boatload of moldy MJ or harsh MJ... taking care of the final product gets so little attention compared to how important it is. I mean, the end goal is to have primo product right? Not just a lot of mediocre MJ..

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