yield or potentcy?

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by ballrawg, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Is there any truth to the yield or potentcy of letting the plant do its own thing or lsting, supercropping, or just plain topping?
  2. yield, for sure, 100%. This is why growers do training on their plants, to increase yield.

    Im not trying to be stuck up or ignorant, but if you do some research on here you will find your answers.

    Start a little project and do your research, really dig and find out what each technique is designed for.
  3. Well what I understand, lsting and supercropping are more for scrog growing right? I think I might just top to make few big colas
  4. NO... you have to let em grow about 12"..cut it at the to...so u will have two tops,insted of one..and it doest interfer with the potency..u actually get more!!!:cool:
  5. I can clone that top I cut too right?

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