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yield on this grow?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by MarshalRae, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. what we have here are three skunk #1 clones in my DwC hydro and one Thai super skunk in soil. all under a 400 watt agrosun gold, mh/hps bulb. any figures for amount of bud might be procured? the canopy is even at twelve inches. ive been training the thai superskunk with wire because it grows so tall and skinny. theyve been under 12/12 for a couple weeks now and just started flowering.


  2. Without knowing much about the strain/ Set up, its gonna be pretty hard to estimate your yield. I would do some recon work on those said strains. See what the breeders yields are. Take your lighting and surface area and nute reg. into consideration. And that MIGHT give you a general idea. Either way there lookin pretty!:hello:
  3. um, i grew their mother under a 125 watt grow cfl with general hydro and it got about 4 feet tall till i got the bigger lamp and it fell on it and crushed it. :'( anyway i took 3 or 4 clones off it beforehand. anyhow i decided to flower them sooner cuz of light deficiency when it gets that big. hopin these clones will top out at about 2 or 3 feet. since ive flowered theyve grown three inches, so we'll see. they are in a 14 gallon rez with about 6 gallons of water in it. with one 6 inch bubble curtain. gave them fresh water and nutes when i changed the light cycle, 2 tbls of micro, 4 of veg and 6 of bloom. so lost my last crop when the light fell on it, had to harvest early. so im trying to turn up a quick grow an get some buds cuz im out.
  4. so here are some of the current pics at twelve inches. i broke over the top of the biggest clone (which i shouldnt have done this far into flowering.. damn experiments) im hopin itll recover.. i did that to even out the canopy and give the lower branches a chance to come up. the seeds came from the attitude seedbank and are feminized skunk #1 the mother in the pictures got huge after flowering and it was way late when i decided to get a bigger lamp for flowering, then it fell on it anyways with about 6 more weeks to go. i guess im just wondering if the 400 agrosun mh/hps bulb is gonna produce larger quantity of bud compared to my cfl which i use in my veg room.

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  5. Out of personal experiance ive found hps to produce thicker flowers than CFLs. but Thats just my opinion. Im sure theres someone that grows better with CFLs? LOL.....

    ever concidered a scrog instead of tying the plants? And maybe not vegging for so long. Again just my 0.02$ good luck.:smoking:
  6. also i forgot to say very nice & healthy plants dude
  7. haha yea, ive considered it. im just trying to grow one big decent crop of bud before i start trying other methods. yea and i screwed up with veggin on my first hydro grow. which is why i gave those clones a new resivoir with more space for roots. im hopin to crop out with at least an oz. is that too much to ask? i guess only time will tell. im just still bummed i got a quarter of premature buds from the last grow in which case i think ive worked out the kinks as far as learning. im hearing that clones produce more in a screen of green? sounds like what ur saying is a clone wont grow as big and powerful as its mother as far as a main cola?
  8. oh yea, thanks mills. its been a struggle but they always turn out healthy. havent noticed hardly any deficiencies with hydro. sweet lucious green plants throughout the whole process. i think im their worst enemy with my addiction to monitoring them.
  9. heh, i read that post about yield expectations.. yea its foolish, for asking. i guess i should just be thankful they are live and well. maybe i just wasted so much time with the first light i got which was a 125 cfl from hydrofarm. i went out an got a 400 watt agrosun and that should give me the expectations i desire.
  10. yea im the same & i only grow in soil lol & your not foolish for asking i think everyone wonders about yeild
  11. how is the agrosun working fr you I bought one yesterday and was just wondering if I made a good choice
  12. i like it an all.. its enlosed in a hood with a glass pane.. so it can get it within inches of the canopy.. everything grows real healthy and fast.. tho doesnt seem like it when you spend every day with them. that last grow has been done for a couple months now. ive got 4 females that have all been lst'd so they are at 8 inches with about 25 tops growing. just startd flowering a couple weeks ago. this time im not gonna burn them with nutes so they seem to be growing a lot hardier and healthier.. with better looking bud growth.
  13. im thinking about going back to soil and using that light.. i have one in soil right now that is about 7 weeks in and its under a 125 watt cfl grow light. and that one has 2 HUGE colas one of which i just cut down an hour ago.. it also had a couple huge red cfls (68 watt = 300) and that may have helped.. so soil might be the way to go.. hydro is easy to mess up. i just got some fox farm ocean forest soil and the one plant i put it has flourished and grew huge colas under just that 125 watt cfl..
  14. Plants are looking good man...Theres nothing wrong with wondering what your yield will be, but the key is not to get obsessed with the number. Yields are great, but the experience of the grow is more important in the long run.

    I have always found it better for new growers to pick a technique they want to grow with(hydro/soil..ect) and try and stick with it for a few grows, and as you complete each grow add a new element to your grow, that way you dont get too far ahead of yourself and get frustrated. Personally I think soil is easier to learn about growing with, but have seen plenty of people start in hydro and do well(you just have to do the homework)

    Good luck,
  15. so heres whats going on currently. i had an apt inspection recently that was cancelled *whew* anyway a lot of the cheap cfls are stored away but my two main lights are both running 12/12.. 400 watt mh agrosun and 125 watt hydrofarm CFL - flowering 5 plants. 4 under the metal halide and the late flowering bubblegum under the CFL in foxfarm ocean forest, getting flushed. anyway. the one cola i chopped off weighed 31.7 grams after i gave it a little manicure. and the second still gonna sit for a week or two is twice the size!

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