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  1. Just a quick question if any of you can answer is that, how much yield would a average outdoor grow be if you used autoflowering seeds?
    I know it does depends on the soil and nutes, so lets say i have alright - decent soil and i nuted when neccesary, what would the yield be per plant?

  2. around 1-2 oz 
  3. ya? and comparing this to photoperiod ones, autoflowering give 2x less right?
  4. photoperiod ones can have 1-5 pounds, depending on how you grow them and what time of year you plant them. 
    autoflowers have a set life span of 70-90 days (on average) so they cant support massive harvests. Photos however can grow upto 7 months. 
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    I grew this Cheese Candy from Delicious seeds in a raised garden bed in my back yard. It stayed inside under T5's from germination for three weeks in sunshine mix.  I then moved it out back, this was in mid April.  At the start of June I harvest 3 and 3/4 ounces off it.  I didn't feed it anything except water from my garden hose.  No nutes at all.  So I imagine the yield could be much better.  Hope to find out this summer. 

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  6. Wow she looked great. How was the smoke? I plan on running autos placed starting in Apr. my photos will be planted mid-late May.
  7. It was really great smoke.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I plan on putting my auto's out this year in April, with a harvest time by June.  Then another run of them to be brought down by August.  My first run will consist of mostly Cheese Candy because it's tried and true.  But also Red Poison, Dark Devil, The Ogre, and Cherry Bomb Auto.  I plan on really experimenting with them this time around and see how to best grow these little beauties.
  8. I'm got a bunch of freebies I got from Attitude. I know some a cheese crosss and I have a green Posion auto and a photo. I think I have a total of 6 or so seeds so that's all I plan to run unless for some reason I order more seeds.
  9. 3-4 oz's should do it. Just make sure the size of the pot or hole u dump it in is at least 10 gals and u shouldnt have a problem.

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  10. My auto last year was a free bee seed.  
    Hey man I'm starting my first grow this season and I'm using 13 auto flower seeds. Im in the middle of  making holes outside just had a couple questions.
     I was originally planning digging holes 3 ft wide 2 ft deep. But to save on soil Im thinking I will do holes 2 ft wide 2 ft deep. Do you think this will be enough for my auto flower seeds? How much will that foot effect the space of the roots for the auto flowers?
    Thanks !

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