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  1. What kind of yieldss should i expect from a SOG with these strains.
    1. Big Bud
    2. Top 44
    3. Pure Power Plant

    All from Nirvana seeds grown in a 4*4 foot garden with a 400 hps lamp in bubble buckets with enriched CO2...thankyou for your guestimates.
  2. If you have the room to finish them all out properly, no problems or fuck-ups, and they all turn out female. You should get anywhere from a half pound or better per plant, I guess.
  3. wrong post sorry chek the other one on the 70watt HPS
  4. Big Bud- Up To 150g and i aint to sure about the other two.

  5. it really depends on how long you let them vegetate, for higher yields- clip the very top after about 10 days tillyou switched to flowering, this stops the plants from growing taller and makes it bush out, it'll help, but don't expect more than 3 ounces per plant on any of them!
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