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  1. Having no experience in growing anything maybe one of you pros here can help explain to me exactly how yield is measured.
    I read that Yield = Dried grams per square meter in a Sea of Green
    But i'm not sure what exactly that means:eek:. One of my questions is What might a Sea of Green be? I'm guessing it's a large marijuana farm. If you can break it down to a ratio (i.e. big bud produces 600g/m<SUP>2 </SUP>so 600g/m of a x amount of plants is equal to 1 plant's yield, maybe im making things too complicated, i tend to do that)

    I appreciate anyone helping out my noobieness.
  2. i don't know about anyone else, but i like to under estimate by about 40 percent. that way, i'm never disappointed.
  3. Most seed banks will put a strains yield in that format.

    Like under the best conditions, my Speed Queen can do 400grams per square meter in a SoG. I'm not exactly sure how many plants fit in a square meter. Try doing a search on sea of green or SoG and research it.

    What it does not mean is 400 grams per plant :)
  4. I don't feel like searching the G.C. archives for a relevant thread (there are definitely a few), but here's a Sea of Green explanation:


    As far as math goes, a better equation might be:

    SOG(yield) > non-SOG(yield)

    ...but I'm no math whiz.
  5. Cool Link!!

    I wold like to see some sort of table or graph of what you can achieve per sm, with different lights and different strains. Anyone see something like this?

    ie. 400w - White Widow per sm - Avg Yield, 600w and so on..

    I got about 9 ounces dry, in a Sq metre of Super Skunk.
  6. a sq meter is 3ft by 3ft eh? hmm. i'd say my 4 plants almost fit into that.. 20oz for me

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