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Yield Machine Max 180 W LED

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by quicksilver91, Nov 16, 2014.

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    Im looking to purchase a small stealth hydroponic grow box and am wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect using this product, if they think it is worth trying, or if they have any experience using it. id like to try growing autos only and am hoping to yeild around 2 ozs a month. i have an 850 dollar budget for this, so if anyone has any other suggestions for a stealthy odor free grow box for that price let me know. thanks for any help!

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  2. Looking at same or diy stealth box my self. Dirt. 415w LEDs. Cobs n monochrome
  3. Here's if u feel like DIYing with 10x more space. N prolly better all around cuz u can light proof n add as much ventilation as needed. Good luck man. Keep me posted. I'd install vent n passive intake w 90° PVC elbows for no light coming thru. 1514087601535.png couple options for us dude. Premade from unique eBay, or dealzer..
    1514087700122.png 1514087712254.png 1514087740160.png

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  4. I'd love to jus set up a simply tent. I easily hit 15-18ozs in my old 3x4x6.5 w 650reallwatts of led. Platinum, Cree, n LEDgle dimmable. Sold my platinum p300. Currently have my 100w cxb3590 cobs (dimmable) and 320ish watts 3 way tuner\dimmer w 3 knobs. So bout 420w total. Considering adding an optic 1. Or Roleadro 2nd gen white full spec cobs. Jus tryna provide enough for me, step dad, n my mom. We get a lot of family visitors at random times thru out year. Hence the need for stealth nno visible venting. Lol. I'll make this work.. some way! I jus wanna be able to hit my usual 1gpw dry, perpetually have 1 always ready to go to flower as one begins veg.. 420g let's say. Every 4ish months. Is doable w proper conditions n space. GTA follow house owners rules :( im gonna try n see if hell go for a tent if I find a way to make it look like a dummy "dresser" from front. Ughh he wants to not have to pay for bud. I showed him I can do it successfully. Pulled 180g out of a 2x2x6.5 2 years ago using jus my platinum p300. The tent n a very clever active exhaust system. Venting in the houses central ac into bottom tent hole w help of a 6" booster fan. I jus wanna enjoy the tranquillity of growing for my fams personal needs. None will EVER hit black market. In fact. This self sufficient op is so we don't have to deal w the BM n e more. Paying 70$ a q of bangin stuff is better then I was getting up north. But its putting money in these ppls pockets who don't deserve it. Soon enough I'll be in NorCal living my dream gnite blades. Merry Xmas to all! (Happy chanakkuh, Kwanzaa, w.e u celebrate! Nite guys

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