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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by lucky bud, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I know theres alot of methods and people use different methods,what are some?
  2. Light and veg time seem to be the main impact on yeild. Overkill the light and you will see more yeild (big time). Veg time will allow the plant to grow more branches and overall height.

    Of course skill and technique will be a factor. But given any skill level, light and veg increase will be the main factors.
  3. well of course i hope all growers know that.
  4. Take and bend each main branch till it gives way but doesnt break off. then stake up the limb and watch it swell. Use Pure flowers wih your bloom nutrients for the last month till flush.

  5. Can't stress enough on the veg time(months), topping and of course the light. If their genetics contain the data, a lot of strains really take off in hydro as well.
  6. Sea of green.
    Use it.
  7. im trying to get my sog going. Im just having problems with my clones. of the 6 i cut, only one had good roots after ten days. im giving the other 5 a few more days, they all have small starts of what i thought was the begining of roots. I've also read that molasses can help increase yeild, but i dont know for sure, just read it .

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