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  1. Hello , So let's say SWIM, Has 100 grape ape seeds and let's assume that they are all female and he is planting them outdoors in Florida in late April where it's going to be average 13-14 hours of daylight for the next couple months , now SWIM has filled 2 foot deep and 3 feet diameter holes with %50 cured manure and %50 native silt , SWIM also has Miracle Grow plant food that he will be giving to the plants every week and will be slowly upping the dose till he finds the max , and lets assume SWIM Super Crops and trains perfectly and nutes during bloom for best yield , SWIM plans to harvest during September and height of plants is not a problem , What is the Average yield SWIM can expect per plant?.
  2. by SWIM do you mean yourself
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  3. Since SWIM didn't take the time to research properly between the lack of aeration in his mix and the toxic MG fertilizers most of his plants died in veg and the few that did flower all got covered with powdery mildew and then the caterpillars infested and destroyed what was left due to his lack of a proper IPM (integrated pest management) program..
    Effective yield = Zero

    Edit :: Been there.. Done that..
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  4. What do u mean Toxic MG fertilizer , The MG plant food Only contains Phosphorus Nitrogen and pottasium , and you can control the potency yourself by mixing with water

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  5. does SWIM have autism
  6. And can't you increase aeration by having the soil more loose , if not what can SWIM do to increase aeration?

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  7. You're gonna want to add some perlite. If your current mix is 50% manure 50% silt I'd aim for atleast 30% perlite. Feeding your plants Miracle Grow is like feeding your kids Mcdonalds. It's cheap, its food, but its not healthy. Using a quality fertilizer = steak and veggies.
  8. Holy fuck thats cruel
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  9. It was a serious question, his user-name is AspectrumMC64 and it got me thinking about autism spectrum disorders. A-Spectrum
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    Personally I like perlite and use huge amounts of it.. Home depot sells it in 2 cubic foot bags for about 16 dollars..
    Since it's an outside grow save yourself a ton of coin and forget the liquid nutes and just build a decent soil up front..
    Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners
    1/3rd peat
    1//3 perlite
    1/3 quality compost.. And I do mean quality.. Bu's biodynamic, coast of maine lobster, ecoscraps,
    EWC (earth worm castings) kelp meal, alfalfa pellets, chicken manure, aged horse manure, rock dust, crab shell meal.. Any and all are good..
    Avoid bone, blood meals and azomite.. skip the cotton seed meal and the feather meal as well..

    BT and green cure are the next things to start shopping for.. Caterpillars destroyed 99% of what should have been a bumper crop of cannabis my first really large scale grow..
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    • The Green Cure is potassium bicarbonate.. Used in wine making it's not that hard to find I get mine at the local hydro shop.. The BT from the local garden center as Home Depot doesn't stock it..

    • Weekly sprays with BT and Cure are needed in Southern California 52 weeks a year.. I never stop flowering outside and the catties never really let up..

    • [​IMG]

    • My low power zapper with most of the grills cut out let me brush the moths out each morning as my monitor on just how bad they are and how intense I need to spray that week..

    • BNW
  11. Thanks for all the info , really helps , I'll make sure SWIM invests alot more in anti pest and perlite
  12. Yes SWIM does have a form of very high functioning autism called aspergers , but SWIM can still think and in most cases it allows SWIM to learn and consume info at a faster rate then average.
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  13. I had no clue, i thought it was in response to his use of MG. Have no real knowledge on the condition so idk what it is or what it pertains to. My bad in general q:

    Stoners journey to cannabis
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